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Best Home Laser Cutters and Engravers Buying Guide

A laser cutter or engraver for home use means that the machine must have an enclosed design and an air purifier with smoke treatment. Fortunately, with the evolution of laser engraving machines, enclosed laser cutters or engravers are sure to become more and more popular. This is because as laser cutters become safe for personal use, many crafters will purchase laser engraving machines for use at home. The home laser cutter or engraver must address the need for smoke purification and isolation. This time, the enclosed laser cutter and engraver will take the lead.

In addition, due to seasonal climatic changes such as cold winters, no one wants to use an open-frame laser etcher in an open-air environment. So the enclosed laser cutter or engraver is preferred for indoor use. Based on market projections, in the next six months, enclosed laser cutting machines will not only gradually become the mainstream of home laser cutters but will also be the future development trend of laser cutting machines.

In this article, I identify for you the best enclosed laser cutters and engravers on the market today that could very well become your home laser cutter.

The best home laser cutter recommendation

If you are looking for a high-power home laser cutter or engraver, I highly recommend the xTool P2 and xTool S1 enclosed laser cutters, as they are the next generation of laser equipment on the market. xTool P2 has 55W laser power and xTool S1 has 40W laser power, so cutting or engraving is a breeze. Based on your budget, you can choose one of them as your home laser cutter. The xTool P2 will be the most expensive but belongs to the high-end laser cutter, while the xTool S1 will be the most cost-effective Class 1 laser safety-enclosed laser engraver on the market!

But if you’re looking for a small, super-attractive design for your home laser engraver when you don’t need to cut too much, I’d recommend the xTool F1 portable laser engraver because it’s really good-looking and easy to use, and it’s perfect for customizing small objects or small crafts at home. xTool F1 can engrave almost all the material because it has a dual laser of 450nm diode laser and 1064nm IR laser.

WeCreat is a new brand that appeared out of nowhere this year, and its WeCreat Vision enclosed laser cutter still deserves our attention because it is one of the few brands on the market that specializes in laser cutters or engravers for home use. The WeCreat Vision is a 20W enclosed laser cutter that caters to the needs of the craftsman and can fulfill most of the craftsman’s creations at home. It is currently priced at around $1249.99, so if you are on a budget, the WeCreat Vision is a good choice.

The Glowforge Aura enclosed laser engraver is a 6W laser power machine. Glowforge Aura can also gain consumers’ hearts due to its beautiful appearance. because, as a home engraver, the product must have a good look, isn’t it? If you don’t require that much for cutting, the 6W enclosed laser engraver can also fulfill your engraving creations. Looking at the Glowforge Aura’s beautiful appearance, especially for women, they should like it, because I think buying it back and putting it in your home will also be a kind of decoration.

The Snapmaker Ray is not technically an enclosed laser engraver, but it is equipped with a safety enclosure that makes it a class 1 laser safety machine. So if you choose to buy it with an enclosure, the Snapmaker Ray 40W laser cutter can still be used at home with confidence. The point is, the construction of the Snapmaker Ray is really well-designed, super minimalist, and has an artistic design that makes me feel satisfied.

Laser cutterLaser PowerEngraving SpeedRateWhere to buy
xTool P2 CO2 laser cutter55W600 mm/s10.0xTool US
xTool EU
xTool S1 enclosed laser cutter40W/20W/10W600 mm/s10.0xTool US
xTool EU
xTool F1 portable laser engraver10W diode laser &
2W IR laser
4000 mm/s10.0xTool US
xTool EU
WeCreat Vision enclosed laser cutter20W600 mm/s9.9WeCreat
Glowforge Aura enclosed laser engraver6Wunder 500 mm/s9.8Amazon
Snapmaker Ray laser cutter40W/20W500 mm/s9.8Snapmaker

Best enclosed laser cutter and engraver for home use review

1. xTool P2 55W CO2 laser cutter

xTool P2

The xTool P2 55W CO2 is definitely the best laser cutter out there, and there is no other laser cutter like it nowadays. xTool P2 is currently available in two color versions, one in black and the other in white, which have the same functionality except for the color difference in appearance. The white version is very suitable for female users and is supposed to be the best laser cutter for females.

Why is the xTool P2 the best home laser cutter available? There are two reasons: the built-in ultra-high dual 16MP resolution camera and the ability to engrave perfectly curved surfaces! Let me explain the benefits of these two cutting-edge technologies one by one.

First, the presence of the ultra-high dual 16MP resolution camera allows the user to drag and drop the pattern directly to the desired engraving position without having to manually estimate it. Due to the 16 MP resolution of the cameras, even very small objects can be clearly recognized, making it easy to pinpoint the exact engraving position. So this is cutting-edge technology, and I have not found a laser engraver that does it better than the xTool P2.

Second, curved surface engraving is also a very cutting-edge technology in the laser engraving field. xTool P2 makes it easy to model curved objects in three dimensions and then calculate the required focal length at each point of the surface to get a perfect engraving result on the curved surface. When I first learned about the xTool P2’s curved surface engraving capabilities, I was shocked! While other laser engravers were still perfecting flat surface engraving, the xTool P2 was entering the era of curved surface engraving!

xTool P2 curved surface engraving

2. xTool S1 enclosed laser cutter

xTool S1 40W enclosed diode laser cutter for home use
xTool S1 white

The xTool S1 is the world’s first enclosed diode laser cutter, and in my opinion, it definitely qualifies as a laser cutter leader. It not only provides consumers with a comfortable and safe environment but also takes engraving applications to a new level, representing the future direction of laser engraving and cutting machines for home use!

First of all, the xTool S1 is a class 1 laser safety machine, which means the highest safety class standard for laser cutters. This means that consumers can use it with the peace of mind that the entire laser engraving or cutting process can be observed directly through the protective cover with bare eyes.

What’s more, xTool S1 enclosed laser cutter’s two existing functions overturned the consumer laser cutter on the market now and also set the future development direction for home laser cutters. That is the curved surface engraving and two-point positioning function, let me explain what is curved surface engraving and two-point positioning one by one.

Regarding curved surface engraving, xTool S1 utilizes an innovative technology called Dynamic Focus Engraving. Dynamic Focus Engraving means that when engraving a surface, the Z-axis will make multiple touches on the engraving range of the surface, and then the algorithm will build up the surface 3D model so that the engraved pattern can fit the surface better. It is almost impossible to find a laser engraving machine on the market that can engrave curved surfaces, but the xTool S1 enclosed laser cutter can do it, and I really have to commend xTool for being so innovative.

xTool S1 curved surface engraving

Two-point positioning means that you can precisely mark the working area by simply touching the surface of the material you are engraving or cutting with the Z-axis two times! Thinking back, wouldn’t a traditional open-frame laser cutter require you to manually move the material as well as guess where exactly to engrave? Fortunately, the xTool S1’s two-point positioning method finally allows consumers to quickly and accurately locate engraving positions. Of course, if you need to determine various shapes of engraved figures, the two-point positioning function will be transformed into multi-point positioning, so that you can easily confirm round and polygonal engraving areas.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the xTool S1 still has other outstanding features. For example, it supports interchangeable laser heads. xtool S1 provides 40W, 20W, and 10W diode laser heads and 2W IR laser heads, so consumers can choose different laser powers according to their budget, or buy a separate laser head to upgrade xTool S1 in the future.

Another thing you need to know is that xTool products are really user-friendly and very easy to use. xTool’s own software, xTool Creative Space, is really super easy to use, and comes with engraving parameter settings for common materials, so as long as you select the appropriate material, the software will automatically help you set the required engraving speed and laser power.

So, in my opinion, the xtool S1 is definitely the one of best enclosed laser cutters. Its safety features and ease of use really make it perfect for a home laser cutter and engraver.

3. xTool F1 Portable laser engraver

xTool F1 Portable laser engraver for home use

Why should I recommend the xTool F1 portable laser engraver as one of the best home laser engravers? Because the xTool F1 really stands out! Its small and beautiful design and the accompanying smoke purifier make it super suitable for use at home.

The xTool F1 is equipped with dual lasers, a 10W diode laser, and a 2W infrared laser. It is this dual laser feature that gives the xTool F1 the ability to engrave a wide range of materials unmatched by other diode lasers. The 10W 450nm diode laser can meet the general cutting needs and most engraving needs, and if you need to engrave all kinds of metal, such as customized jewelry, the 2W 1064nm infrared laser mode can be fully utilized.

What’s more, the xTool F1 portable laser engraver can engrave at speeds of up to 4,000mm/s, whereas the highest engraving speed of a diode laser engraver is only 600mm/s, this difference of nearly 7 times really makes the xTool F1 stand out. This is all due to the fact that the xTool F1 is built on a galvanometer rather than a gantry.

As you know, to be a good home laser engraver or cutter, in addition to its beautiful appearance and high-efficiency engraving, it must have the functions of smoke purification and laser filtration. Obviously, the xTool F1 has all these features, not only does it come with a good-looking smoke purifier, but it also comes with the RA2 Pro rotary and slide extension, which are useful accessories that really allow you to create at home without worrying about your handiwork.

4. WeCreat Vision enclosed laser cutter and engraver

WeCreat Vision

WeCreat Vision  20W laser engraver and cutter deserves to be one of the best home laser cutters or engravers of the year. WeCreat is a new brand of engravers that emerged in 2023, and the WeCreat Vision, as their first laser cutter, is aiming at the enclosed laser cutter market, which verifies what I said earlier, that in the next six months, more and more brands will definitely start to compete in the enclosed laser cutter market. The enclosed laser cutting machine represents the future development trend of this industry, but also the necessity of home laser cutters and engravers.

The reason why I want to recommend WeCreat Vision to you guys is simply because I love the following things about it.

First, the Auto-Lifting Design with Auto-focus feature is a great innovation that, while not complicated to implement, sets it apart from other laser engravers. The World’s first auto-lifting enclosure eliminates the need for a base, which automatically adjusts the focusing distance according to the height of the object.

Secondly, with a built-in HD camera, objects will be displayed in real-time on the software, and users can directly drag the pattern to the appropriate location, ignoring the method of positioning the carving through guesswork.

Thirdly, WeCreat’s own operating software, WeCreat MakeIt, comes with the QuickView Matrix function, which is the first of its kind in the industry. After the user selects a material, the software will show a reference image of the engraving effect of the corresponding material, and the user only needs to click on the desired effect, and the engraving speed and laser power will be set automatically. This first-of-its-kind feature eliminates the need for users to spend time testing the engraving results on different materials, which is really convenient.

In fact, the WeCreat Vision 20W enclosed laser cutter is laser class 1 safety, as is the xTool S1 40W enclosed laser cutter, and they are both excellent home laser engravers and cutters. Their respective features do differentiate them from each other, so you can choose them according to your budget or need for laser power.

5. Glowforge Aura enclosed laser engraver

glowforge aura laser engraver

I’ve been hesitant to include the Glowforge Aura on a list of the best home laser cutters or engravers. This is because the Glowforge Aura’s laser power seems too weak compared to the others, which is only 6W. But considering some laser engraver starters may not have a need for a high-power laser cutter because they tend to be more expensive. The Glowforge Aura has the benefit of being relatively inexpensive, at less than $1,000, as an entry-level home laser engraver.

The overall design of the Glowforge Aura enclosed laser engraver is aesthetically beautiful and compact, which also impresses me. 22″ x 20.5″ x 5″ (55.8cm x 50cm x 12.7cm) is not too bulky and easy to be placed in the home. Besides, its good-looking design can serve the purpose of decorating your home as well.

You should not underestimate the power of the 6W diode laser, it can still cut materials as thick as 6mm, like some cardboard, and it will easily finish the cut. Of course, if you want to use it to cut some 6mm wood, it may disappoint you, you should go for a 20W or 40W enclosed laser engraver.

Anyway, I think the Glowforge Aura is tailor-made for some laser engraving beginners. If you happen to be a beginner laser engraver and don’t have much of a budget to invest in a better home laser cutter, you might want to consider the Glowforge Aura laser engraver.

6. Snapmaker Ray laser engraver and cutter

Snapmaker Ray

The Snapmaker Ray 40W/20W laser cutter is a detachable enclosed laser cutter. Because it comes with an enclosure, it isolates the fumes and filters the laser to make it class 1 laser safety. When you use it outdoors, you can remove the enclosure to make it a lightweight, open-frame laser cutter. When indoors, putting on the enclosure protects the user from lasers and fumes.

Like the xTool S1, the Snapmaker Ray offers interchangeable laser modules, so you can purchase either the 20W laser module or the 40W laser module as needed. The cutting power of the 40W laser makes it very easy to cut 20mm wood and the 500mm/s engraving speed makes the Snapmaker Ray different from ordinary laser engravers and cutters.

Like the laser cutters described earlier, Snapmaker has its own operating software, called Luban, so there’s no need to worry about not having the right software for the job.

Honestly, the Snapmaker Ray’s linear modular design is really eye-catching. Unlike other four-frame laser engraving machines, the Snapmaker Ray uses an open frame, only using two Y axes, and a gantry frame to build the overall structure, very popular with consumers.

Why enclosed laser cutter or engraver?

The enclosed laser cutter or engraver is really great as a home laser cutter and engraver. On the one hand, as the laser power of a laser engraver increases, so does the risk of laser damage, and the laser needs to be isolated so that it can’t accidentally harm things around it. On the other hand, as the laser power increases, so does the efficiency of the cutting and engraving process, but with this comes an increase in the production of harmful gases and fumes, which need to be isolated and purified by an enclosure. Therefore the enclosed laser engraver was born to solve these pain points.

What’s more, as people become more familiar with laser cutting and engraving machines, they will gradually give up the open-frame laser engraving machines that have no guarantee of comfort, and replace them with enclosed laser cutting machines. If you want to be able to use a laser cutter or engraver for home use, it is essential that it is enclosed and that it has a fume-purifying function.

Therefore, enclosed laser engraving and cutting machine represents the development trend of laser cutting machine, and enclosed laser cutter will dominate the market of home laser cutter.

Factors to consider when buying a home laser cutter or engraver

Class 1 laser safety

It’s never too late to talk about safety, and when choosing a laser engraver for your home, it’s best to choose a laser engraver or cutter with Class 1 laser safety. Class 1 laser safety means that the laser device achieves the highest level of security to maximize the protection of people and animals in the home. Laser cutting machines with Class 1 laser safety are often enclosed structures that allow a person to observe the entire process of laser cutting and engraving with bare eyes. Furthermore, they generally support smoke purifiers, making the working environment ventilated and comfortable.

Good-looking design

Home laser cutters and engravers are meant to blend in with the furniture in your home. No one wants to ruin the style of their home with a device that has an ugly design and no aesthetic appeal. Therefore, I believe that choosing a home laser cutter or engraver needs to take the appearance of the product into account. If you buy a good-looking laser engraving machine, even if you don’t use it, it will be pleasing to the eye even if you just put it in your home.

Easy to use and software compatibility

Ease of use is what every consumer is looking for. A product that is almost ready to use out of the box is the ideal product. Thinking back to some of the open-frame laser engravers, consumers need the annoying assembly, and can not support the laser head replacement and so on.

The good thing is that enclosed laser engravers are almost ready to use out of the box. Another feature that ensures ease of use is software compatibility. We should choose brands that have their own operating software, such as xTool, WeCreat, Glowforge, and Snapmaker, as recommended earlier. Because if a brand has its own branded software, on the one hand, is very compatible with its own products, which makes the consumer’s experience very good. On the other hand, brands with their own operating software show that they are really committed to their brand, which in turn reflects the credibility of their brand.

Laser power and speed

Choose the appropriate laser power for your handmade creations, as the higher the laser power, the higher the price will be. For the engraving speed, please try to choose the one with the fastest engraving speed because it will determine the efficiency of your creation. For those who are in pursuit of extreme engraving efficiency, I really recommend xTool F1 to you, the highest engraving speed of 4000mm/s is incomparable to other engraving machines.

Your budget

Your budget will determine the kind of machine you buy, and for a home laser cutter or engraver, your budget should ideally be $1500 or more. You won’t feel bad about investing in a great laser cutter or engraver for home use.

Product’s size

Another factor to consider is the size of the product, you should choose the right size laser cutter or engraver based on the amount of space in your home. If you have a large space at home, you can choose a larger-size enclosed laser cutter like the xTool S1, on the contrary, the xTool F1 portable laser engraver is very suitable for those who have a small space at home.


Today, laser cutters and engravers are no longer unfamiliar to individuals. Everyone can purchase a laser cutter to create handmade crafts or customize their own personalized items. For individual consumers, laser cutting machines are often purchased for use in the home, so there is a high demand for safety, comfort of use, and ease of use of the laser equipment. With these factors in mind, this article sincerely recommends the excellent enclosed laser engraving cutters and engravers available on the market today, as they are really suitable for us to use at home.

The enclosed laser cutting machine or engraving machine introduced earlier, no matter the price budget, laser power, or unique features, there is always a suitable one for you to take back in home!