ecoflow wave 2 potable air conditioner

EcoFlow Wave 2 Outdoor Air Conditioner Review


Looking for a reliable and powerful portable air conditioner for your outdoor adventures? Look no further than the Ecoflow Wave 2. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the design, features, performance, battery life, user experience, and the incredible versatility of the Ecoflow Wave 2 portable air conditioner. Discover why this innovative device is the perfect solution for your outdoor cooling needs.

The EcoFlow Wave 2 comes in at $1299 or $2199 with the extra battery, if this is something that does interest you, you can click the button below directly link to the EcoFlow website to get it! This is an outdoor air conditioner designed to be taken camping.  When you look for the competition, there’s not anything else that can compete with it, as it’s in a class of its own.

Ecoflow Wave 2 portable air conditioner

Design and Features: Your Compact and Convenient Outdoor Cooling Companion

Embodying a sleek and compact design, the Wave 2 emerges as the perfect companion for outdoor enthusiasts seeking portable comfort. This ingenious portable air conditioner is thoughtfully crafted with an intuitive shroud, intake, and exhaust ducts, and a practical drain tube for humid environments. The Wave 2’s design prioritizes convenience, enabling effortless setup whether you’re embarking on a camping expedition or seeking respite within the confines of your RV. Its versatility extends beyond measure, adapting flawlessly to various outdoor environments, including tents, vehicles, RVs, and compact rooms. With the Wave 2 by your side, embrace the ease of cooling convenience wherever your adventures take you.

EcoFlow Wave 2
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Performance: Effortless Cooling and Heating Outdoor Air Conditioner

Get ready to be blown away by the phenomenal cooling and heating capabilities of the EcoFlow Wave 2. With its impressive cooling capacity of 5,100 BTUs and a mighty heating capacity of 6,100 BTUs, this portable air conditioner ensures a haven of comfort and tranquility, regardless of the outdoor conditions. Say goodbye to enduring scorching heat waves or shivering through chilly nights, the Wave 2 is here to revolutionize your outdoor experience.

Its exceptional air exchange capability swiftly adapts to temperatures, transforming any space into a paradise of refreshing coolness or cozy warmth. In just 5 minutes, it effortlessly cools from a sweltering 86℉ to a blissful 68℉ or seamlessly warms from a chilly 68℉ to a toasty 86℉. Prepare to embark on outdoor adventures where comfort reigns supreme. Don’t just survive the elements, thrive in absolute luxury with the Wave 2 as your unwavering companion, and be ready to create unforgettable moments of your outdoor cooling experience.

EcoFlow Wave 2

Energy Efficiency: Longer Runtimes, Lower Power Consumption

Embracing energy efficiency as its core principle, the EcoFlow Wave 2 outdoor air conditioner is intelligently designed to optimize performance while keeping power consumption to a minimum. When operating in the heat and eco mode, this innovative unit draws a mere 256 watts, allowing you to experience efficient heating while conserving energy. In maximum heat mode, power consumption ranges from 380 to 450 watts, delivering impressive warmth without compromising efficiency.

When it comes to cooling, the Wave 2 operates at a modest 236 watts on maximum, ensuring a refreshing environment even during the hottest days. For eco-conscious users, the Wave 2 shines with its eco-cooling mode, utilizing a remarkable 156 watts of power to keep you cool while reducing energy usage. These energy-saving features not only contribute to a greener planet but also extend the runtime of the unit, enabling you to enjoy uninterrupted comfort without draining your power source. With the EcoFlow Wave 2, you can revel in the perfect balance of performance, efficiency, and sustainability, all while creating a delightful atmosphere wherever your outdoor adventures take you.

Battery Life: Power Options for Uninterrupted Outdoor Comfort

The EcoFlow Wave 2 portable AC offers flexible power options to suit your outdoor adventures. It can be powered through AC or DC sources, accommodating 12-volt or 24-volt devices. Take advantage of solar input to charge the unit and embrace sustainable energy.

Charge by solar pannel

The Wave 2 add-on battery is a true powerhouse, featuring a robust 50-volt NMC battery with an impressive capacity of 1159 Watt-hours. Within a mere two and a half hours, this battery can be fully charged, ready to fuel your adventures. When compared to the Delta II from EcoFlow, the extra battery of the Wave 2 boasts a higher capacity, ensuring extended usage without the need for frequent recharging. And here’s the best part: if you already own other EcoFlow products, you can leverage the power of the Wave 2 by connecting it with a data cable.

With the Wave 2 portable air conditioner and its add-on battery, EcoFlow offers you a comprehensive and sustainable solution, eliminating the need to purchase multiple batteries. Embrace the freedom of extended power and unlock the full potential of your outdoor cooling experience with the EcoFlow Wave 2 and its versatile add-on battery, empowering you to conquer new frontiers without compromising on performance or convenience.

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User Experience: Intuitive Controls for Effortless Operation

The Ecoflow Wave 2 ensures a user-friendly experience with its intuitive controls. Adjust fan speed, temperature, and mode selection (AC or heater) effortlessly using the control panel. For added convenience, the Ecoflow app offers remote control functionality and detailed information on power consumption and settings. Monitor and customize your cooling experience from a distance, optimizing comfort while enjoying the great outdoors.

user-friendly experience with intuitive controls

Versatility: Stay Cool Anywhere

The Ecoflow Wave 2 is the epitome of versatility. Its compact size, lightweight design, and easy installation make it perfect for various outdoor settings. Whether you’re camping, road-tripping, or relaxing in your RV, the Wave 2 caters to your cooling needs. It seamlessly integrates with other Ecoflow products, expanding your power options and enhancing overall functionality.

FAQ about EcoFlow Wave 2

1. What is the price of Wave 2?

The New Wave 2 is priced at $1299 or $2199 with the extra battery. And you can get an extra 220W portable solar panel for a total of $2349.

2. What makes Wave 2 stand out from other portable air conditioners?

It has a higher cooling power of 4000 BTUs compared to others in the market which are around 2500 BTUs. The EcoFlow Wave 2 can provide 5100 BTU of cooling and 6100 BTU of heating, which is equivalent to an 1800-watt heater.

3. How much power does the Wave 2 system consume?

It draws about 500 watts of power when connected to a 240-volt outlet.

4. Can the Wave 2 be used off the grid?

Yes, it can be used off the grid with an optional add-on battery and a serious electrical setup.

5. What is the capacity and charging time of the Wave 2 add-on battery?

The Wave 2 add-on battery has a capacity of 1159 Watt hours and can fully charge in two and a half hours. It can also be used as a charging brick with USB outputs.

6. How can Wave 2 be powered and controlled?

The Wave 2 can be powered by AC or DC and can be charged with 12-volt or 24-volt devices or solar input. It can be controlled through the EcoFlow app, which allows for easy control of cooling, heating, and fan modes.

EcoFlow Wave 2 VS Zero Breeze Mark 2

EcoFlow Wave 2 vs zero breeze mark 2

If you want a powerful cooling and heating experience, EcoFlow Wave 2 is the way to go. It’s best suited for bigger rooms or spaces that need top-notch cooling and heating. It may cost a bit more, which is just more expensive $200 than Zero Breeze Mark 2, but its multiple working modes give you flexibility for any situation.

For those watching their wallet, Zero Breeze Mark 2 is an intelligent choice. It’s lightweight and easy to carry around, perfect for small areas or personal use. While it has a lower cooling capacity, it is cheaper. If you want to save money, Zero Breeze Mark 2 is your good choice.

So, consider what you need most: EcoFlow Wave 2’s strength for larger spaces or Zero Breeze Mark 2’s affordability and portability for smaller spots. Whatever your decision, think about your cooling and heating requirements, budget, and room size to make the best pick! Here below is the comparison between these portable outdoor air conditioners.

MachineEcoFlow Wave 2Zero Breeze Mark 2
Cooling Capacity1500W/5100BTU674W/2,300 BTU
Heating Capacity1800W / 6100BTU/
Weight32 pounds(14.5kg)16.5 pounds(7.48)
Noise Level44-56 dB42-52 dB
Working ModeCool, Fan, Sleep, HeatCool, Fan, Sleep, Strong
Dimensions518 × 297 × 336 mm (20.4 × 11.7 × 13.2 in)508 mm x 254 mmx 279.4 mm (20″ x 10″ x 11″ in)
Where to BuyEcoFlow websiteZero Breeze website

Conclusion: The Ecoflow Wave 2 – Your Ideal Outdoor Cooling Companion

In conclusion, the Ecoflow Wave 2 portable outdoor air conditioner offers a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly solution for outdoor cooling. With its powerful performance, energy efficiency, and exceptional versatility, the Wave 2 is the ultimate choice for outdoor enthusiasts. From camping under the stars to road-tripping in your RV, this innovative device ensures your comfort in any outdoor environment. Embrace the convenience, power, and efficiency of the Ecoflow Wave 2 and enjoy outdoor adventures with refreshing coolness at your fingertips.

Don’t let the heat ruin your outdoor adventures. With the EcoFlow Wave 2 outdoor air conditioner, you can stay cool and comfortable no matter where you are. Invest one in this summer and began your cooling summer camping!