LaserPecker 4 portable laser engraver with air purifier, slide extension, rotary extension

LaserPecker 4 Portable Laser Engraver: Full Review and Tutorial


Since the LaserPecker 4 launched with a dual laser source (450 nm and 1064 nm) last year, it has caught our eye because of its portable feature, high engraving speed, support for almost all material engraving, and nice-looking design. In my opinion, it deserves to be one of the best portable laser engravers on the market. Today, LaserPecker 4 has upgraded to the 4000mm/s engraving speed, which is 2 times faster than before, which is a super nice thing that happened on LaserPecker 4. Besides, LaserPecker 4 has new extension partners now, such as the air purifier for more comfortable use at home, and class 1 laser safety full protection cover.

In this review article, you can learn all those extensions used to upgrade the LaserPecker 4. If you are looking for a dependable portable laser engraver to help with crafts or jewelry customization as a jewelry laser engraver, LaserPecker 4 will be on your shopping list. So let’s jump right in!

LaserPecker 4 portable laser engraver with air purifier, slide extension, rotary extension, fully protection cover

What you can get from LaserPecker 4 bundles

I got this package including a LaserPecker 4 portable laser engraver, a rotary extension, a protection cover, and an air purifier, for which the total value is $ 2589. These extensions will enhance the versatility and comfort of the LaserPecker 4. The rotary extension helps you to engrave cylindrical or irregular objects, such as tumblers and glass cups; The protective cover increases the safety of use and effectively insulates the laser and fumes, thus protecting our eyes as well as our health. As for the air purifier, this is very important when using a laser engraver indoors as it filters the fumes and keeps the air in the room fresh.

Of course, if you have pressure on your budget, you can buy LaserPecker 4 separately for $1,599, or choose one of the extensions you need. By the way, the 10% discount code can save you money more: Tech10

LaserPecker 4 packages

LaserPecker 4 basic knowledge before use

Before reviewing the LaserPecker 4, I would like to inform you of some common basics about the LaserPecker 4.

1. LaserPecker 4 software

LaserPecker 4 is compatible with the LightBurn software, the mature engraving software for common laser engravers and cutters. But LaserPecker has its brand operation software called LaserPecker Design Space including desktop software and App. I like the LaserPecker software because can automatically set the engraving parameters based on the materials you choose, which is a nice function for users. However, the materials engraving parameter data is insufficient, currently.

Regarding the user-friendly of the LaserPecker software, I think the LaserPecker Design Space App is more friendly than the desktop software, but desktop software easier to design patterns or images. The APP easily connects the LaserPecker 4 via Bluetooth, and the operation seems more convenient than desktop LaserPecker software.

LaserPecker APP control laser engraving
LaserPecker Design Space APP control engraving

Whether it’s desktop LaserPecker software or an app, remember to set the mode correctly when you start engraving and cutting. For example, when you use a rotary extension or slide extension with LaserPecker 4, you should turn on the “Rotary Extension Mode” or “Slide Extention Mode”. When you want to enhance the safety of LaserPecker 4, you should turn off the “free mode”, so that if the protective cover is opened the laser will stop working. There are many more modes to explore to enhance your sense of experience with LaserPecker 4.

Mode setting in LaserPecker 4 software
Mode setting on LaserPecker Design Space
Mode setting in LaserPecker 4 software
Mode setting on LaserPecker Design Space

2. Switch the laser mode

LaserPecker 4 has a dual-laser source design which includes the 10W 450nm blue laser and 2W 1064nm infrared laser, and of course, it can engrave almost all materials. Before engraving materials, you should choose the right laser mode based on the materials to improve the engraving results. Switching the laser mode is a breeze on LaserPecker 4. If you want to switch to the 450nm laser mode, just slide to the left on the touch screen while slide to the right it will turn on the 1064nm laser mode.

However, if you use LaserPecker Design Space software and APP, it is not necessary to switch the laser mode manually. Once you choose the materials on the software or APP, it will automatically set the laser mode based on the material you choose.

LaserPecker 4

3. Adjust the laser focal length

LaserPecker 4 needs to adjust the laser focal length manually but it is easy to operate. As shown in image 1 below, the rectangular is the engraving area for the preview. However, this stage is not completed with the laser focus adjustment because the two red spots do not overlap. So, just manually press the button on the right side of the LaserPecker 4 to control the up-and-down movement of the laser module to make the two red spots overlap(image 2). Once the two red spots overlap into one point, it means you set the right laser focal length, and then, please start your engraving!

adjust the laser focal length
Image 1: Hasn’t laser focus adjustment
adjust the laser focal length
Image 2: the right laser focus setting

LaserPecker 4 review

1. Upgrade LaserPecker 4 with air purifier

Since I use a LaserPecker 4 in my home, I feel it’s important to have an air purifier since laser engraving and cutting inevitably produce some smoke and exhaust fumes, an air purifier can filter out these harmful fumes and keep the air fresh in the room. The air purifier for LaserPecker 4 is portable, the size is compact and powerful for air purification.

The air purifier requires no assembly at all, just an exhaust pipe that connects to the exhaust fan on the LaserPecker 4’s magnetic protective cover. The LaserPecker 4’s air purifier also supports adjustable power levels, so when laser engraving produces more smoke, you can click the “+” button on the front of the air purifier to increase the purification intensity.

LaserPecker 4 connects with the air purifier
LaserPecker 4 connects with the air purifier
LaserPecker 4 and air purifier
LaserPecker 4 connects with the air purifier

2. 450nm laser mode engraving

With the air purifier connected, I couldn’t wait to start engraving! After connecting the USB cable to my computer, I selected an elephant to engrave directly on the LaserPecker Design Space software. As you can see in the picture below, when I select “Basswood plank” as my engraving material, the software automatically selects the 450nm laser mode for me without having to select it on the LaserPecker 4 touch screen manually!

There are resolutions selected from 1K to 8K, but I think a 1K resolution is enough this time. Based on the material and resolution selected, the software automatically set the engraving parameters for me as 100% laser power and 5% engraving depth which is equal to 3700mm/s engraving speed.

LaserPecker Design Space software
LaserPecker Design Space software

It only took about 3 minutes to complete the engraving, which I have to say is really fast. As you can see in the picture below, the 1k resolution is more than enough to reproduce the details of the image as it should be.

LaserPecker engraving works

3. 1064nm laser mode engraving

Since LaserPecker 4 has a built-in 2W 1064nm infrared laser, it makes up for the lack of 450nm laser engraving on metal materials. To test the engraving effect of the 2W 1064nm laser, I used it to engrave stainless steel, and the engraving parameters were still recommended by the software, as long as I chose “Stainless Steel” material, the software will automatically set 50% of the laser power and 50% of the engraving depth.

1064nm mode engraving stianless steel

It took only about 1 minute to complete the engraving of the stainless steel, as shown in the picture below, the surface of the stainless steel was laser etched leaving a clear pattern.

LaserPecker 4 1064nm mode engraving stailess steel

I also use a 1064nm laser to engrave my earbuds box by setting the 80% of laser power and 20% of engraving depth. It is speedy to finish the customization engraving which just took 36 seconds! So I have to say that the LaserPecker 4 engraves faster than other laser engravers due to its use of a galvanometer system to control laser movement!

LaserPecker 4 1064nm mode engraving

4. LaserPecker 4 slide extension for larger size engraving

LaserPecker 4 is a portable laser engraver, so it has a limitation on engraving area which only has 160mm x 120mm. So I need to upgrade the LaserPecker 4 with the slide extension to expand its working area to 160mm x 300mm to meet the larger size creations.

Upgrade LaserPecker 4 with slide extension
Larger engraving with slide extension

Engraving with the slide extension is also very easy, the only thing to note is that you need to turn on the “slide extension mode” and “Gcode printing” in your software or app to use the slide extension properly. One of the more useful features of the slide extension is the ability to batch engrave or cut. To use this function, you need to turn on the “Multi-file Engraving” switch on the software or app.

slide extension mode setting
slide extension mode setting

5. LaserPecker 4 rotary extension for tumblers and glass cup

When you attach the LaserPecker 4 with a rotary extension, it will become an excellent laser engraver for tumblers. Actually, the LaserPecker 4 rotary extension can engrave long cylinders, irregular cylinders, spheres, rings, etc. As same as using slide extension, I need to turn on the “Rotary Extension Mode” on the LaserPecker software or app before using the rotary extension to customize the tumbler.

I need to choose a 450nm laser to engrave the tumbler because it is made of glass and the surface needs to be coated to prevent the laser from reflecting and penetrating and causing the engraving to fail.

LaserPecker 4 rotary extension engraving tumbler
LaserPecker 4 rotary extension engraving tumbler

When engraving my wine glasses, because the wine glasses were smaller in size, I needed to replace the clamps that held the tumbler with smaller caliber clamps. And the support module needs to be used to keep the wine glasses horizontal.

LaserPecker 4 rotary extension engraving glass cup
LaserPecker 4 rotary extension engraving glass cup

The tumbler and wine glasses were etched clearly with the same setting of 100% laser power and 93% engraving depth(24mm/s). Tumblers personalized engraving is rotary’s most-used need, and it’s a fun way of life to engrave your home’s tumblers or mugs to your favorite design. I also think it is necessary to buy the LaserPecker 4 rotary together with LaserPecker 4.

LaserPecker 4 rotary extension engraving tumbler
LaserPecker 4 rotary extension engraving glass cup

6. Upgrade LaserPecker 4 with enclosure

If you think the LaserPecker 4’s original magnetic cover doesn’t meet your safety and comfort needs, then this Class 1 laser safety enclosure, specifically tailored for the LaserPecker 4, is an even better choice. Indeed, I use this enclosure instead of the magnetic cover and it completely encloses the LaserPecker and keeps out both smoke and laser light. I have to say that because of this Class 1 Laser Safety enclosure, my creative experience has gone to a higher level!

When I turn off “free mode” in the software, whenever I open the door of the enclosure, the machine automatically stops laser engraving for my safety. This is a great feature for those who have children at home to prevent them from opening the enclosure by mistake.

upgrade LaserPecker 4 with class 1 laser safety enclosure

The protective enclosure is also compatible with both rotary and slide extensions, as it can be raised by a heightening rod. So, in conclusion, the LaserPecker 4, in combination with these extensions, maximizes its versatility and guarantees safety and comfort. So far, I am satisfied with the LaserPecker 4!

upgrade LaserPecker 4 with class 1 laser safety enclosure

Things I like

I like a lot of things about the LaserPecker 4 portable laser engraver, such as:

  1. Its dual laser source design can engrave almost any material, and the laser switching is super easy, just swipe left or right on the touch screen.
  2. It has a galvanometer system design so the laser moves very fast and precise and can engrave at speeds up to 4,000mm/s.
  3. The laser focus needs to be adjusted manually, but it is very fast and convenient, just control the laser unit to move up and down through the button to make the two points of red light overlap into one point.
  4. The body is very lightweight, and the laser unit can be adjusted to adapt to different angles of the engraving.
  5. The LaserPecker 4 is offered with a full range of user-friendly extensions to suit the user’s needs, such as slide extension, rotary extension, air purifiers, and a Class 1 laser safety enclosure. These extensions maximize the user experience and comfort.
  6. The LaserPecker 4 can be easily operated using the LaserPecker Design Space software and app, without the need to download and purchase LightBurn.

Things need to improve

I am happy with LaserPecker 4, but I believe that LaserPecker should focus on enhancing the user-friendliness of the LaserPecker software, which is already doing quite a good job, but there is still space for development.


The LaserPecker 4 is an excellent portable laser engraver that satisfies most users in terms of design and functionality. For those who love a portable laser engraver, they love its lightweight, material engraving versatility, and fast engraving speed. These benefits can make it more efficient for users to complete the customization of small objects, so if you are doing small gift customization, small object customization, or jewelry customization, LaserPecker 4 is a good product!