LaserPecker LX1 Max

LaserPecker LX1 Max Review: The Best Creative Laser Cutter

LaserPecker LX1 MAX is probably the world’s best foldable, multi-functional laser cutter. With its foldable and interchangeable laser module design, I think the LaserPecker LX1 MAX is the best-designed laser cutter and engraver for DIY hobbyists. It provides options for a 20W diode laser module, a 2W 1064 laser module, and an artist painting module for meeting different creation needs. LaserPecker LX1 Max has a maximum engraving area of 800 x 400mm, which can make larger creations. However, with the foldable design, it is very convenient to store at home.

The LaserPecker LX1 MAX price is $1931 now, including the LaserPecker LX1 MAX 20W+2W 1064+artist module. It is not cheap, but worthwhile. It will be a good investment for DIY crafters. If you are hesitant about buying this machine, don’t worry; in this article, I will show you all the things you care about. Let’s dive into this wonderful home-use laser cutter and engraver.

LaserPecker LX1 Max


These are all of the things that you can get when you buy the LaserPecker LX1 Max below. You will get the LaserPecker LX1 MAX foldable frame, and 3 interchangeable modules including a 20W diode laser module, a 2W 1064 laser module, and an artist painting module. You also will get a goggle and something necessary such as a power adaptor, a goggle, a manual book, etc. Actually, there is no need for assembling at all, which is very user-friendly.

The design of LaserPecker LX1 MAX

As I was saying, the LaserPecker LX1 Max is a minimalist style, it has eliminated the annoying assembly process and the the foldable design is beneficial for storing at home or in your workshop. The LX1’s main color is purplish gray, which is more stain-resistant, however, to improve maintenance convenience, there is a dusty protection metal sheet on the X and Y axis. The LaserPecker LX1 Max is an open-frame laser cutter and engraver, but it stands out from those open-frame diode laser cutters because of the foldable design, interchangeable module, and minimalist style. LaserPecker LX1 Max is tailor-made for larger engraving and cutting, it has an 800 x 400mm working area which is more practice than LaserPecker LX1.

LaserPecker LX1 Max after connecting

Let’s look at the details of the LaserPecker LX1 Max. An emergency stop button and X-type status indicators are on the top of the X-axis. Before using LaserPecker LX1 Max, you only need to connect the cables to the corresponding interface, and then use a USB cable to connect with your computer or connect your phone via Bluetooth. Unfortunately, you can’t connect to your computer via wireless method because you need to buy a Bluetooth dongle additionally to achieve this connecting goal.

the detials of emergency stop button
the details of connecting interface
the details of X axis

LaserPecker LX1 Max features review

1. First engraving with the LaserPecker software

Due to LaserPecker having its own LaserPecker Design Space software, I will use its brand software to make my creation. My first impression of their software is that it has a lot of room for improvement, including materials richness, and materials parameter setting recommendations.

 LaserPecker Design Space software

However, it is my first time using LaserPecker’s product and I need to explore some steps to make sure I master it, I used a 20W laser module to start my first use of LaserPecker LX1 Max, and the experience seems pretty good. I tried to engrave an image on the plywood and set the parameter of 20% laser power, 80mm/s(Depth:1), the result shows that the 20W diode laser works well. However, I have to complain that the desktop software should provide the common materials parameters recommendations so that when users select the right material, it can automatically fill in the engraving or cutting parameters.

You probably noticed that the LaserPecker LX1 Max doesn’t need the air assist pump at all, and yes, that’s true. As you can see in the software interface above, I can choose the “Wind speed level” to control the airflow during the engraving. It is genius-designed that the 20W laser module has built-in an inner brushless motor with low noise air flow and cooling function.

20W laser module engraving
20W diode laser module engraving
First engraving testing
First engraving testing

2. 20W 450nm laser module capability

LaserPecker LX1 Max does without an auto-focus function, so I have to set the laser focus length manually before cutting. It is okay for me, to simply align the indicator line with the scale for the corresponding thickness, for example, if I cut 10mm of pine wood, I drop the laser head down to the 10 mm line mark and tighten the laser head. In this 10mm pine wood cutting test, I set 100% laser power and 3.1mm/s, expectedly, it cut the 10mm pind wood in a single pass easily.

setting laser focus length before cutting 10mm pine wood
setting laser focus length
cutting 10 mm pine wood in one pass
cutting 10 mm pine wood in one pass

This time I made it more difficult for LaserPecker LX1 Max 20W to take on the challenge of cutting 20mm pind wood. Like the previous laser focus setting, I need to lower the laser module to the line mark of 20mm. The facts show that the 20W laser module has excellent cutting capacity, which can cut 20 mm of pine wood in one pass at 100% laser power and 1.1 mm/s cutting speed.

setting laser focus length before cutting 20mm pine wood
setting laser focus length
cutting 20 mm pine wood in one pass
cutting 20 mm pine wood in one pass

3. Safe creation with the protection cover

Next, to realize the potential of the LaserPecker LX1 MAX 20W module and the large engraving area, I plan to use it to engrave a 230 x 580 mm piece. But before going ahead, I need to equip LaserPecker LX1 Max with the protection cover to avoid annoying smoke or fumes. This protection cover is tailor-made for LaserPecker LX1 Max but need you to purchase it additionally. I have to say that this will effectively isolate the fumes which will then be ducted outside through the exhaust pipe. I think the protection cover is a must-have if I use a laser cutter and engraver at home.

Protection cover for Laserpecker LX1 Max
Protection cover for Laserpecker LX1 Max

In this larger-size engraving, I use the LaserPecker Design Space APP, and I set the laser power to 30%, and the engraving speed to 150mm/s (26 depth). In my opinion, the APP is more useful and user-friendly than the desktop software, and the operation is so easy. With the protection of the protection cover, I am indulging in the laser engraving process without smoke and fumes disturbing. However, to get this wonderful engraving creation, I have to wait for 6 hours! But anyway, I like it very much!

larger size engraving

4. 2W 1064nm infrared laser module

The 1064nm infrared laser module is more versatile for metal engraving than the 450nm diode laser. The 1064nm infrared laser can engrave almost all metals, and glass without coating, so it is necessary to get one to meet your engraving needs. Thanks to the interchangeable module design, I can easily replace the 2W 1064nm laser module on the LaserPecker LX1 Max within 30 seconds.

Before engraving, please don’t forget to set the right laser focus length, as the 20W diode laser module does, just pull down the scale to the ZERO mark let it touch the material surface, and then tighten the laser module. After setting the engraving laser focus length, you can engrave what you want in the metals or glass. Since the infrared laser is invisible, I used this laser module for engraving without goggles all the entire time, observing the entire engraving process directly with my bare eyes.

laser focus setting before engraving
laser focus setting before engraving

Setting the 100% laser power, 59mm/s engraving speed to engrave a Chinese on my knife, took about 14 minutes to finish my work. As the engraving result shows, the 2W 1064nm IR laser module works perfectly! Even though the stainless steel surface is mirrored, the 2W 1064nm laser module can engrave perfectly without the need to coat the stainless steel surface to prevent laser reflection, as is the case with the 450nm laser.

LaserPecker LX1 Max
Engraving stainless with 2W IR laser module
LaserPecker LX1 Max metal engraving
Perfect engraving result

It is also suitable for small craft making because of the red light positioning assist. Setting the suitable engraving area and putting the small item in the preset position.

1064nm laser engraver tiny metal craft
small craft making

5. Artist module: pen painting

The artist module is the one of innovative features of LaserPecker LX1 Max, the artist module allows me to use a pen to paint. The setting is very easy, once I connect with this artist module, the software will automatically recognize this is the artist module. However, the desktop software of LaserPecker Design Space is not friendly to this pen painting mode, because it is unable to transfer the image/fill type to the “Line” type so that painting smoothly. I tried many times on the desktop software but failed because it is unable to keep the line painting but pulsed motion(module constantly contracting up and down, unable to maintain linear motion).

Artist module pen paiting
Pen painting

Finally, I had to download the LaserPecker Design Space APP on my phone, and the problem on the desktop software was solved perfectly. After connecting the machine via Bluetooth, just import an image and select the “Gcode” button, the APP will automatically know to transfer the image type into the “LINE” format so that the artist module can paint smoothly.

The artist module of LaserPecker LX1 Max isn’t painting as fast as expected. I use this to paint on A4 paper, I have to wait for about 210 minutes to get the final work. But I have to say that, it gives me a good copy of the artwork, It paints slowly but with a clear and precise line. This is the only laser cutter and engraver I have seen so far that supports the drawing function, which is very interesting!

Artist module pen painting
Artist module pen painting

6. Safety feature testing

Except for the normal safety protection method, such as the emergency stop button, and flame detector, you may not know that the LaserPecker LX1 Max also features the tilt emergency stop protection. I personally verified its effectiveness by first letting the LaserPecker LX1 Max do its normal laser engraving work, then I suddenly raised and tilted it, and when the incline was roughly 30°, the LaserPecker LX1 Max immediately stopped working and started resetting back to HOME. The Tilt Emergency Stop safety feature prevents the laser engraver and cutter from accidentally tipping over and being able to stop the laser work instantly after a fall from the table, which is a great safety protection feature.

Tilt emergency stop protection
Tilt emergency stop protection

Since I fitted the LaserPecker LX1 Max with a protective cover, it has taken its safety to a higher level. On the one hand, it effectively filters out harmful lasers, thus protecting the eyes. On the other hand, the protection cover allows for an emergency stop with the cover open. To realize this function, you only need to turn off the free mode in the software. Overall, the LaserPecker LX1 Max does a good job in terms of safety protection as well! I appreciate its professionalism.

Emergency stop when cover open
Emergency stop when cover open

Points I appreciate

First, I really like the folding design, very good for storage! Second, no assembly is required, no annoying assembly process, very beginner-friendly! Third, I really like the design of interchangeable modules, happy to meet my different creative needs, this is the first time I’ve seen the drawing function on a laser cutter and engraver. Fourth, 800 x 400mm is great, I no longer have to worry about the small working area of the engraver limiting my creative space. Fifth, the protective cover is well-designed, easy to install, and can be linked with the engraving machine, I was pleasantly surprised by the function of the emergency stop with the cover open! Sixth, the 20W laser module is really powerful, and its cutting ability can basically meet my needs.

Points for improvement

First, It would be nice if LaserPecker could refine its desktop software to make it more powerful and user-friendly. Secondly, it would be better if the computer could directly support wifi or Bluetooth connection with LaserPecker LX1 Max without requiring the user to purchase a Bluetooth dongle. Third, it would be better if the engraving speed could be increased, the maximum engraving speed of 200mm/s is a bit inefficient for large-area engraving.