Snapmaker Ray laser cutter

Snapmaker Ray 40W Laser Cutter and Engraver: Your Master Craft-maker

Snapmaker Ray

First Impression of Snapmaker Ray

The first look at Snapmaker Ray really caught my eye. It continues Snapamker’s aesthetic design, and Snapmaker Ray’s overall design is really beautiful and simple. Unlike other four-frame laser engraving machines, the Snapmaker Ray uses an open frame, only using two Y axes, and a gantry frame to build the overall structure. This reminds me of the Laserpecker LX1, which I reviewed earlier this year, which is very similar in appearance and structure and, of course, very popular with consumers. So, I have to say that Snapmaker Ray made a really smart choice in choosing such a premium-looking structure.

Snapmaker ray  40W

The industrial-grade linear rails design allows Snapmaker Ray to move more stably and accurately. Compared to other roller-design laser engravers and cutters on the market, the Snapmaker Ray is undoubtedly more concise, more accurate, and more beautiful in wire management.

You may be curious about the price of the desktop laser cutter, and in the early bird pricing, Snapmaker Ray 40W is only $1299, and 20W is only $999. As a new and advanced product, the budget of around $1000 is quite affordable compared to other brands of laser engravers. The most important is that you can get a laser engraver cutter, an air assist pump, and a workbench for this price.

Cutting ability of Snapmaker Ray 40W & 20W

Is more laser power better? From my point of view, yes. As a consumer, I need the laser cutting machine to have a strong cutting ability to meet my diverse creative needs. In addition, the stronger the laser power, the more I can take advantage of the more considerable laser output power and faster engraving speed to complete the work more quickly.

Take the Snapmaker Ray 40W and other 10W laser power comparisons: when cutting 3mm basswood, the maximum cutting speed of the Snapmaker Ray 40W can reach 20mm/s, while the machine with 10W laser power can only reach 5mm/s. In the one-pass cutting depth test comparison, the Snapmaker Ray 40W can cut 15 mm of basswood at a time, while the 10W machine can only cut 5mm of basswood at a time. It is obviously easy to see the huge difference in the cutting ability of different laser power sizes.

Snapmaker Ray offers two options depending on your budget, you can choose a version with a 40W laser head or opt for a 20W laser. Honestly, I highly recommend going straight for the 40W Snapmaker Ray laser cutter because of its powerful cutting capabilities that allow you to create more rich and free. Take a look at the following comparison of the cutting power of the 20W and 40W. See below for a comparison of the cutting power of a 20W and 40W Snapmaker Ray. When using the same parameters (2mm/s speed and 100% laser power), the 20W Snapmaker Ray can cut 15mm of pinewood in a single pass, whereas the 40W Snapmaker Ray can cut 20mm of pinewood in a single pass.

Snapmaker Ray 40W and 20W

Practical Security Protection

Safety is never out of date, especially in the face of such a high-power integrated laser cutting and engraving machine. First, when the machine is cutting flammable materials, it is likely to increase the temperature, leading to combustion, and then damage the laser cutting machine. However, Snapmaker Ray’s overheat protection is perfect to prevent this from happening. As long as the temperature sensor detects that the operating temperature is higher than normal (over 55 ° C /131 ° F), the module will automatically stop working. Once the temperature falls back to the normal range, you can restore the power module.

overheat protection

Second, the laser shield can be a good barrier to laser penetration and exposure to the eye. In order to better protect the eyes, you can use a combined enclosure for Ray so that the laser hazards can be reduced to their lowest level.

Third, Orientation Detection is also a safety guarantee for safe customers to use the engraving machine. If the laser engraving machine tilts or shifts, we all want it to stop the light immediately to avoid laser damage to the outside of the surrounding things. To our relief, Snapmaker Ray has gyro sensors installed in the module to ensure that no laser beam is emitted when the module is installed incorrectly or deviates from the specified position. This practical security protection makes it safe for me to use it for creation. 

Orientation Detection

Larging Engraving or Cutting Area and Space

Snapmaker Ray 20W&40W laser cutter and engraver can reach a 400 mm*600 mm working area. You may not realize how advantageous the extra-large working area is. If you make crafts for a living or run your small business, a large-area laser cutter allows you to batch engrave or cut, greatly increasing your productivity. Additionally, some three-dimensional crafts, which may have large flat drawings, may require you to engrave or cut them multiple times separately due to the limitations of the engraving machine’s working area. However, the Snapmaker Ray’s large working area allows you to cut or engrave the entire piece at once!

Larging Engraving or Cutting Area and Space

What’s more, the flexible Z-height adjustment gives you more room to engrave taller objects. The cylindrical legs can be mounted not only on the machine but also on the laser bed, allowing you to work with lasers up to 160 mm thick. Even thick objects like guitars can easily fit in for engraving.

flexible Z-height adjustment

Snapmaker Luban Software Makes it Easier for You to Create

Design your laser artwork in seconds using templates with high customizability and efficiency. Snapmaker Luban offers a huge library of preset templates with common patterns, shapes, and icons for quick design. What’s more, with open-source art fonts, you can always add a personal touch to your work.

Of course, the Snapmaker Ray is compatible with LightBurn, one of the top laser software programs, supporting features such as serial connectivity, mobile control, and G-code generation. You can also get a full set of recommended parameters for common laser materials in LightBurn and Luban.


Overall, the Snapmaker Ray is an excellent laser engraving and cutting machine. It is one of the few machines on the market that has an open frame design, linear guide rails, and an overall very clean and attractive look. The Snapmaker Ray offers a variety of budget options for the consumer to fit their budget, and for an investment of $1200, you get the perfect machine with 40W of laser power, which is really nice!