xTool S1 40W enclosed diode laser cutter

xTool S1 Review: The World’s First 40W Enclosed Diode Laser Cutter


This is surprising news: xTool launched the world’s first 40W enclosed diode laser cutter, called xTool S1. This is another revolutionary diode laser cutter from xTool after they launched the CO2 laser cutter P2. xTool S1 takes diode laser cutters and engravers to the next level because it brings safety and comfort to consumers compared to the open-frame diode laser cutter.

Before the existence of an enclosed laser cutter, users had to search for a cover and wear protective glasses to avoid smoke and laser damage to their eyes. Although this open-frame laser cutter is cheaper, it is not as safe and comfortable to use as the xTool S1. In response to these industry pain points, xTool claims that they have devoted nearly a year to developing the 40W enclosed diode laser cutter. This is how the xTool S1, an enclosed diode laser cutter with high laser power, safety, and comfort, was born.

xTool S1

The World’s First 40W Enclosed Diode Laser Cutter

A 40W diode laser cutter is not uncommon in the market, but the xTool S1 is the world’s first enclosed 40W diode laser cutter. There is no doubt about the cutting power of the xTool S1. xTool S1 does what other 40W open-frame diode laser engravers can do, and even better.

By using laser compression technology, xTool S1 can take eight 5.5W lasers and compress them to reach 40W. This allows xTool S1 to achieve a high-powered cutting efficiency similar to CO2 machines, making it capable of cutting solid wood up to 18mm thick. With the integration of the latest beam compression technology, it delivers even finer processing results compared to CO2 laser machines.

xTool S1 enclosed diode laser cutter

To cater to a wide range of user requirements, xTool S1 offers a more affordable version of the machine with 20W laser power, which is $1699.99. That’s not all, due to xTool S1 enclosed diode laser cutter features interchangeable laser modules, the user can effortlessly switch to a 1064nm laser module, unlocking a world of processing possibilities. Whether you’re working with wood, leather, stainless steel, plastic, precious metals, acrylic, or nearly any other common material, xTool S1 can handle them all effortlessly, resulting in flawless creations.

laser module

Class 1 Laser Safety Certification Laser Cutter

“Class 1 laser safety” typically refers to the highest level of safety standards and precautions implemented in the use and operation of laser cutters. It signifies that stringent measures and protocols are in place to ensure the protection of individuals, the environment, and equipment when working with lasers. Users could view the laser beam from a class 1 safety laser cutter without any protective eyewear. Let’s see what safety measures the xTool S1 desktop enclosed diode laser cutter has taken to make it first-class safety.

Firstly, the full-enclosed gives the safety and clarity you deserve.

xTool S1 features a fully enclosed, fire-resistant shell design to prevent laser leakage, making your safety the top priority. With a spacious, high-transparency cover, it offers exceptional dual-wavelength filtering (diode laser and 1064nm Infrared laser), allowing you to observe every stage of the process without the need for bulky protective glasses, ensuring both safety and clarity.

xTool S110W

Secondly, xTool S1 enclosed diode laser cutter is equipped with a robust four-tier safety system.

One is omni-directional Flame Detection. The enhanced 5-way flame sensor system, which includes four baffles and a laser module, plays a crucial role in ensuring your safety and the security of your workspace. Imagine you’re in the middle of a laser-cutting task, and a sudden, unforeseen situation arises, potentially leading to the ignition of materials. This is where xTool S1 40W enclosed diode laser cutter Omni-Directional Flame Detection truly shines. The system is designed to instantly and accurately detect any signs of flames from any direction, leaving no room for doubt or delay.

flame detection
flame detection

In such an event, the system swiftly springs into action, triggering an immediate response to mitigate any potential risks. It not only stops the laser operation but also alerts you to the situation, giving you valuable time to assess and address the issue, ensuring that you and your surroundings remain safe.

Two is Open Lid Emergency Stop Detection. The state-of-the-art Open Lid Emergency Stop Detection system is a vital safety feature designed to protect users and equipment in real time. Consider a scenario where you need to access the xTool S1 laser cutter during a job. You open the lid, and here’s where the system comes into play. Sensors specifically designed for cover and base plate detection immediately recognize this action and spring into action, initiating an instant emergency stop.

This rapid response is essential in preventing any laser leaks that could potentially occur when the lid is open because laser leaks can pose risks not only to the crafter’s project but also to their safety. This level of safety is all about empowering customers with the freedom to interact with their desktop diode laser cutter without compromising customers’ well-being or the integrity of work.

Three is the Tilt and Impact Detection. xTool S1 enclosed diode laser cutter’s advanced tilt and impact detection system is an indispensable component of xTool S1’s safety arsenal, providing peace of mind and added protection for you and your laser cutting equipment. When the system senses a tilt or collision, it doesn’t just register the event and it goes further. It initiates an immediate halt to the ongoing laser operations, preventing any potential damage or safety risks that could arise from such disturbances.

Fourth is Quick Access Emergency Stop. With xTool S1’s emergency stop button, the user has a direct and efficient means to ensure their safety, giving them the confidence to use xTool S1 laser cutter with peace of mind.

Revolutionary pin-point positioning system: more precise, smarter, easier 

The xTool S1 comes with a specialized encoder and algorithm, creating a real-time coordinate system in the software to display the laser module’s position. This system also shows the material’s processing range, making it easy to place patterns.

pin-point positioning system

Twin-point positioning, camera-like precision

Imagine being able to set the location and range you want to engrave very simply but with the same precision as a camera system. That’s what the xTool S1 Twin-Point Positioning method offers, and it’s a game-changer for your laser-cutting or engraving needs. Here’s why it’s essential:

Precision Simplified: xTool S1 enclosed diode laser cutter has combined cutting-edge technology – a new encoder and clever algorithms – to create a precise system. It’s like having a GPS for your laser, ensuring pinpoint accuracy across your entire project.

User-Friendly Interface: The magic happens right on your software screen. You’ll instantly see the laser’s real-time position, making it easy to place patterns precisely where you want them in your material. No guesswork, just precision.

The operation of two-point positioning is, of course, simple. The engraving or cutting range is calibrated by manually moving the laser head twice. After determining the exact engraving range, It also lets you see on software, in real-time, the limits of where your laser can work on your material. You don’t need to guess and you’ll know exactly where you can place your patterns with ease and accuracy.

In a words, Users say goodbye to the hassles of traditional positioning methods. With xTool S1’s twin-point positioning, you’ll enjoy unparalleled accuracy and simplicity, whether you’re working on intricate engravings or delicate projects. It’s the future of laser cutting convenience.

Twin-Point Positioning

Tri-point circular positioning, easier circle marking

Do you think only two-point positioning? Don’t underestimate xTool S1! Take a look at the 3-point positioning for circular engraving, which blow your mind.

Locate your circular objects accurately with only 3 points. No longer struggling to find the center point or measure the diameter. This allows your processing area to be very close to the original object, enabling edge processing in a larger space.

Circular Positioning

Multi-point polygonal positioning, irregular-shape marvels

Ttip-point positioning perfectly solves the accurate positioning of round objects, but if we want to engrave on polygonal objects, such as the object is 6-sided or irregular shape, how do we achieve accurate positioning? Don’t be afraid, xTool S1 multi-point positioning can help you!

The multi-point positioning enables more polygonal marvels and frees you from limited processing on rectangle or circle objects. In theory, you can also process irregular objects such as ellipses, as long as you mark enough points for more accurate framing.

Multi-point polygonal positioning

High-efficiency batch processing

The pin-point positioning system also has an excellent function of flexible batch engraving to improve the efficiency of batch engraving. Just imagine, if you want to laser engrave on objects of different shapes at the same time, you can use two-point positioning, three-point positioning and multi-point positioning to accurately position objects of different shapes, so as to complete batch engraving at one time.

Such as this advanced batch processing function, it is difficult to do in the traditional laser engraving machine, and even in the batch engraving machine will spend a lot of time to deal with the positioning problem, because they do not have a multi-point accurate positioning function like xTool S1.

Batch engraving of objects with Regular shape object batch engravingshapes
Regular shape object batch engraving
Batch engraving of objects with different shapes
Batch engraving of objects with different shapes

Unlock the Power of Autofocus and Dynamic-Focus Engraving!

AutoFocus: precision perfected

With the xTool S1, you’ll experience unparalleled precision thanks to the computer-level focus measurement. the AutoFocus system takes laser cutting to the next level by expertly guiding the laser spot just below the cutting surface. It’s all about mastery in every outcome.

Dynamic-focus engraving: perfectly curved surfaces engraving

The xTool S1 enclosed diode laser cutter is equipped with an Intelligent Focus System that’s nothing short of genius. It offers multi-point high-precision ranging and automated 3D object modeling. The motorized Z-axis dynamically adjusts the focus in real-time during processing, ensuring meticulous precision. You can now achieve curved surface engraving effects as flawless as those on a flat surface.

You can customize the setting of the density at which you need to measure the focal length at the curved surface. Once you set the measurement density, the Z-axis will automatically measure the desired focal length on the surface to ensure that the pattern is perfectly engraved on the curved surface.

Dynamic-focus engraving

Say hello to effortless precision and goodbye to manual guesswork. With AutoFocus and Dynamic Focus, your laser cutting and engraving tasks reach a whole new level of convenience and perfection.

Accessories Let your Creativity Unrestricted

In addition to the usual rotary modules, air assist pumps, and smoke purifiers, the Automatic Conveyor Feeder is also worth mentioning. xTool S1 enclosed laser cutter comes equipped with an Automatic Conveyor Feeder that’s a game-changer for big projects. It takes your processing dimensions from 498 mm * 330 mm to an incredible 498mm * ∞ mm with automatic passthrough. This means you can effortlessly handle expansive materials for both engraving and cutting with precision and ease.

This innovative automatic conveyor feeder was made possible by the development and application of the previous xTool P2 CO2 laser cutting machine. Of course, the xTool P2 is quite expensive – more than twice the price of the xTool S1 – so the xTool S1 gives you a cheaper alternative.

xTool S1 Specification

xTool S1 40WxTool S1 20W
Product certificationIEC/EN60825European Union: CE-RED, ROHS , EN60825, CE-MDUnited Kingdom: UKCA US: FCC FDA Canada: IC Japan: Telec, PSE Australia and New Zealand: RCM, SAA
Laser Power40W20W
Spot Size0.08*0.10mm0.08*0.06mm
Working Speed600mm/s
Working Area498*319mm498*330mm
Working Area with Automatic Conveyor Feeder 470mm * 3000mm (additional transmission rail is required)
Output Voltage25V 11A24V 8A
Connection WayUSB/Wi-Fi
Support XCS SystemPhone: Android & iOSTablet: iPadComputer: Windows & macOS
Product weight20KG
Product size765 * 561 * 183mm (excluding riser base)765 * 561 * 268mm (including riser base)

xTool S1 VS xTool P2

xTool S1 VS xTool P2

You should also notice that xTool S1 enclosed diode laser cutter has a lot of similarities with xTool P2 CO2 laser cutter in terms of appearance and functionality. In fact, the xTool S1 is most likely a cheaper alternative to the xTool P2! This is friendly to customers who are thinking about picking up an enclosed desktop laser cutter or engraver but are concerned about the expensive price tag.

Let us help you make an informed decision between the xTool S1 enclosed diode laser cutter and the xTool P2 CO2 laser cutter based on your needs and preferences.

Price advantage

xTool S1 offers both 40W and 20W options at competitive prices, starting from $1699.99. On the other hand, the xTool P2 CO2 laser cutter starts at $4499. This significant price difference can help you save money upfront.

Laser type and power

The xTool S1 enclosed laser cutter uses a diode laser with 40W/20W power options, providing ample power for various materials. The xTool P2 employs a CO2 laser with 55W power which has a more powerful cutting ability and working efficiency. However, the S1’s diode laser is versatile and capable of handling a wide range of materials effectively because of the interchangeable laser head.

Interchangeable laser module

The xTool S1 allows you to interchange laser modules, offering flexibility to adapt to different engraving and cutting tasks. The xTool P2 does not offer this feature, limiting your versatility.

Laser spot and working area

The xTool S1 enclosed diode laser cutter boasts a fine laser spot size (0.08 *0.10mm for 40W and 0.08*0.06mm for 20W) and a generous working area of 498*319mm. The xTool P2 CO2 laser cutter has a slightly larger laser spot (0.15×0.2mm) and a working area of 600*308mm. And of course, the S1’s smaller spot size can provide finer details in your projects, and its working area is still substantial.

Product size and weight

The xTool S1 is compact, measuring 765 * 561 * 183mm and weighing 20 kg. In contrast, the xTool P2 is bulkier, measuring 1000×639×268mm and weighing 45 kg. The S1’s smaller size and lighter weight make it more space-efficient and easier to move if needed.

Control software and automatic conveyor feeder

Both machines use the same control software (xTool Creative Space or LightBurn), ensuring familiarity. Additionally, both machines support the Automatic Conveyor Feeder for convenience.

Materials and metal engraving/cutting

Both machines can work with a wide range of materials, including wood, metals, plastics, paper, stone, glass, and more. The xTool S1 has the advantage of being able to engrave and cut metals, which the xTool P2 cannot do. However, xTool P2 has a strong ability to cut all types of acrylic, which is not possible with xTool S1 diode blue laser.

xTool S1 and xTool P2 comparison table

xTool S1 diode laser cutter xTool P2 CO2 laser cutter
20W: $1699.99
Laser typediode laserCO2 laser
Laser Power40W/20W55W
Laser ModuleinterchangeableNo
Working Speed600mm/s600mm/s
Laser Spot40W: 0.08*0.10mm
20W: 0.08*0.06mm
Working Area498*319mm600*308mm
Product size765 * 561 * 183mm1000×639×268mm
Product weight20KG45KG
Control SoftwarexTool Creative Space / LightBurnxTool Creative Space / LightBurn
Automatic Conveyor FeederSupportSupport
Materialswood, metals, plastics, paper, stone, glass,etc.wood, metals, plastics, paper, stone, glass, acrylic, etc.
Engraver or cut metalsYESNO
Acrylic Cutting AbilityYes, but weaker than P2Stronger
Curved Surface EngravingYESYES
xTool S1 and xTool P2 comparison table

Considering the competitive pricing, versatility in materials, interchangeable laser module, and the capability to engrave and cut metals, the xTool S1 enclosed diode laser cutter offers an excellent balance of features and affordability. It is a versatile and cost-effective choice that meets the needs of various engraving and cutting projects. I recommend the xTool S1 to provide you with the best value for your investment if you are looking for a cheap and reliable enclosed laser cutter.

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Final Thought

When xTool announced the xTool S1 enclosed diode laser cutter, I was thrilled. I’ve always wanted an enclosed desktop laser cutter or engraver with high laser power, but the xTool P2 was just too expensive and had to put my purchase plans on hold. I’m sure many users are as excited as I am, the cheap price of the xTool S1 starting at $1599, is really heartwarming. With such an enclosed laser cutter with first-class laser safety certification, we can create at home without any worries!