Creality K1 3D printer

Creality K1 3D Printer: King of Speed with Amazing 600mm/s

The Creality K1 3D printer is an amazing and unbelievably speedy 3D printer, newly launched by Creality. It changes the game with its amazing 600 mm/s print speed and 20000 mm/s² acceleration, which deserves to become the fastest 3D printer on the market. Although the delicate look has already caught the eye, the Creality K1 speedy 3D printer has fantastic features that make it unbeatable, such as self-testing with one tap and a dual cooling Fan in the Chamber. It’s amazing that such an excellent machine can be so affordable it announces a pre-sale for $599.

Amazing 600mm/s Print Speed

The Creality K1 3D printer is an impressive machine that has earned its reputation as the king of speed in the world of 3D printing. With a remarkable printing speed of 600mm/s, the Creality K1 is 12 times faster than the average FDM 3D printer, making it one of the fastest 3D printers on the market today.

Creality K1 print speed VS Regular 3D Printer

The speed of the Creality K1 is truly remarkable and is sure to ignite a passion for 3D printing among enthusiasts. A fast speed cuts printing time and raises efficiency. It uses less energy for the same output, thus more eco-friendly. Most importantly, the speedy printing lets us focuses on the pure joy of creation.

Creality K1 3D printer with fast speed can cuts printing time and raises efficiency

Model Cooling by Dual Fans

The dual fans cooling features make Creality K1 3D printer stand out from other printers. This system consists of two fans that work together to cool the material as it is being printed. One fan is located on the side of the printer head, while the other is located on the back of the printer.

dual fan model cooling system in Creality K1 3D printer

As you know, the dual fan model cooling system in Creality K1 3D printer is an important feature that helps to deliver high-quality prints. The cool air helps to cool the material quickly and evenly, preventing warping and deformation. This results in high-quality prints with minimal defects. Additionally, you may don’t know that the dual fan model cooling system can help to improve print speed. This is because the material cools down quickly, allowing the printer to move on to the next layer faster.

Self-test with One Tap

The self-test with one tap function on the Creality K1 is a simple but powerful tool that helps to diagnose potential issues with the 3D printer. To use the self-test function, all you need to do is tap the touch screen on the printer, and the printer will automatically perform a series of tests to check for any problems.

self-test with one tap function on the Creality K1

The self-test function includes a number of different tests, including tests for the extruder, heatbed, camera, fan, leveling, etc. These tests are designed to check for common issues such as clogs in the extruder, problems with the heat bed temperature, and issues with the print bed level. Any abnormality detected will prompt on the display. So, Creality K1 is such a user-friendly 3D printer.

Hands-free Auto Leveling

One of the standout features of the Creality K1 3D printer is its hands-free auto leveling function, which is made possible by an array of strain sensors embedded in the heatbed. These sensors work together to generate an accurate leveling mesh, which ensures that the print bed is perfectly level before printing begins.

hands-free auto leveling function in Creality K1 3D printer

The best part about this feature is that the whole leveling process happens automatically after printing starts, without the need for any human intervention. This means that you don’t have to lift a finger or pay any attention to the printer while it levels the bed. This also helps to reduce waste by minimizing the risk of failed prints, which can save you time and materials.

Quick-heating Heatbed

The Creality K1 3D printer comes equipped with a quick-heating heatbed, which is an essential feature for any 3D printer. The reason why Creality K1 can heat the heartbed quickly is that the aluminum alloy heatbed. this is designed to spread the heat uniformly and quickly, allowing it to reach its desired temperature in just 180 seconds. This is an impressive feat that demonstrates the power and efficiency of the Creality K1’s heating technology.

Furthermore, the quick-heating heatbed is particularly useful for professionals who need to produce multiple prints in a short amount of time. So Creality K1 allows users to get started on their projects quickly and efficiently, maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime.

Connected and Carefree Control

With a network connection, the Creality K1 3D printer can be controlled or monitored remotely from the Creality Print or Creality Cloud APP/WEB. This means that you can easily manage your print jobs and monitor their progress from your phone or PC, no matter where you are. This feature is particularly useful for professionals who need to manage multiple print jobs at once, as it allows them to keep track of all their projects from a single location.

Creality K1 can be controlled or monitored remotely from the Creality Print or Creality Cloud APP/WEB

Cluster control is also allowed when many Creality K1 3D printers are online. This means that if you have multiple Creality K1 printers, you can control and manage them all from a single location, saving you time and effort. To our relief, this feature is particularly useful for businesses that need to manage a large number of print jobs simultaneously.

Additionally, the Creality K1 3D printer is equipped with a notification system that will send a notice to your phone or PC when the printing is complete or abnormal. This means that you no longer have to keep a close watch on your printer while it is printing, as you will be notified as soon as the job is finished or if there are any issues that require your attention.

No Ringing at High Speed

A G-sensor in the printhead of the Creality K1 3D printer measures the resonance frequencies of high-speed printing. This revolutionary function enables the printer to auto-tune itself to reduce ringing throughout the printing process. This means you won’t have to worry about ghosting or ringing on your prints, even at high speeds.

This function is especially beneficial for professionals who require high-quality, detailed prints quickly and efficiently. With the Creality K1, you can print at high speeds in a smooth and accurate manner without sacrificing quality. This capability is especially great for enthusiasts who want to construct complicated and detailed designs that require fast printing.

G-sensor On vs G-sensor OFF

Delicate Texture without Z-banding

Z-banding is a typical 3D printing issue that happens when the printer’s Z-axis is not properly aligned, resulting in uneven or irregular layers. This issue is considerably minimized by the enhanced Z-axis of the Creality K1 3D printer, resulting in a delicate texture free of Z-banding.

Delicate Texture without Z-banding

The Creality K1’s texture is delicate and precise, giving your prints a professional and polished appearance. This capability is especially beneficial for printing intricate or detailed designs that necessitate a high level of accuracy and precision.

Aside from the enhanced Z-axis, the Creality K1 has a slew of other advanced features that place it among the most powerful and flexible 3D printers on the market. If you want a high-quality 3D printer that consistently provides excellent results, the Creality K1 is an excellent choice.

Final Thought

On Creality’s 9th anniversary, the revolutionary Creality K1 3D printer pops up which caught everyone’s eye. The Creality K1 Speedy 3D Printer is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get into 3D printing. With its large build volume, high-resolution print quality, and user-friendly interface, this printer is sure to provide hours of fun and creative experimentation. Plus, at an affordable price point, the Creality K1 is a great option for those on a budget. If you’re in the market for a new 3D printer, the Creality K1 is definitely worth considering. By the way, you can also look at the Creality another revolutionary 22W laser engraver: Creality Falcon2.

Creality K1 3D printer