KOKONI-CE1 3d printer

The Best 3D Printer Innovation of 2023?-KOKONI EC1 Change the Game of How the 3D Printer Works

There is no doubt that 3d printers have been a huge success these years. With so many companies introducing what they believe to be an affordable and high-quality option. It’s getting extremely difficult to keep up with the improving technology and the price is being driven down. But not many 3d printers come with technology like this KOKONI 3d printer. KOKONI 3d printer is the world’s first instant AI 3d modeling option on the market with the ability to take 2d photos and turn them into 3d models instantly. This is an innovative 3d printer that could take the market by storm.

KOKONI-CE1 3d printer


Product weight:6.83lbs(0.398kg)
Forming Tech:FDM/FFF
Package Size:7.44*10.7*0.09 inch
Build Volume:3.93*3.93*2.28 inch
Heat Bed:Non-heated
Nozzle Qty:1 Nozzle
Nozzle Dia:0.4mm
Printing Speed:Up to 80mm/s
Layer Thickness:0.04-0.35mm
Supported Material:Modified PLA Filament
Files support:STL、JPG、PNG
Slicing software:NeuralPrint™ (in-house R&D Cloud slicing software)

Out of the box, no assembly

If you looking 3d printer which easy to use, I extremely recommend you this KOKONI-CE1.In fact, its user-friendly really impresses me strongly. The 3d printer machine just consists of 5 parts, including a KOKONI 3d printer, a filament chamber, a power adapter, a tweezer, and a user manual. That’s all, out of the box and no installation requirements.

KOKONI 3D printer box
kokoni 3d printer out of box, no aseembling
turning on the Power switch to start up

After connecting the parts easily, then turning on the Power switch, there will be a beep sound and the indicating light in white color will start to flash. We wait for the printer to perform its power-on self-test procedure which takes about 30 to 60 seconds. Then, the white indicating light will stop flashing, and the printer is ready for use. During waiting for the printer self-test, we can download the printer control KOKONI App.

Super easy to print

connect the kokoni 3d prither with kokoni app

Connecting via wifi, and controlling the printer with KOKONI App. The App there provides us with many popular 3D models to use. We choose a pre-prepared 3d model in the App to test and see the works finally printed by the KOKONI 3d printer.

The works printed by KOKONI 3d printer

This movable excavator works size is 8.8cm*6.4cm*2.9cm, but it takes 2 hours to finish print. I want to hight light something that is really near zero noise printing, noise around 30 dB.

Next, I talk about the amazing thing that makes me really excited.

Instant AI 3D Modeling – Print Everything

KOKONI 3D printer is the first 3D printer with instant AI 3D modeling. That means you can just take a picture and upload it via KOKONI App, then KOKONI will automatically generate a 3D model prototype and print it. It is pretty cool!

scan a 2d picture

Open the App and choose an image for m your phone, it will scan your picture automatically and then create a 3D model to print. Where this printer truly expands its horizons is that AI technology built into the creative part of the App allows you to scan a person’s face to create a 3d model. You can add a photo from your gallery, it does take some time to get the perfect image to get the perfect results. It is a long process and takes about three to five minutes, but you can’t deny it, it’s a unique one that’s worth waiting for the 3d model

create a 3d model by KOKONI App

It gets that face construction correctly and allows you to spin around. I began the 3d print of some faces and sat back with not much enthusiasm. I honestly didn’t expect that much at all. But after a little time, I realize that it’s a nifty and unique 3d printing!

print the 3d model created from a 2d picture.

No one can expect, it would be printed from a 2d photo, it was all processed with a simple photo. The application value of this could be quite interesting that allowing you to bring it to life. I think the 3d printer uses AI 3D modeling technology, which is going through a technology revolution in the 3d printer industry. It will make 3d printers become more and more user-friendly, and it is easy to print out the more interesting things in life. Just try it!

KOKONI 3D Printer