Creality falcon 2 laser engraver

Creality Falcon 2: Powerful Laser Engraver for Wood and Metal


Creality Falcon 2 is a new-generation laser engraver, the 22W powerful laser output and user-friendly design are impressive to me the most. If you are looking for a reliable laser engraver for wood and metal, Falcon 2 must be one of the best choices. With the 22W strong laser power, I guess you will also be amazing on Creality Falcon 2 able to colorful engrave on stainless steel. Besides, As a laser engraver for wood and metal, Falcon 2 can easily cut 15mm -20mm wood with a single pass. The most innovative is that Creality Falcon 2 integrated an air assist pump that can automatically adjust the airflow.

I can’t help but praise the appearance. When I saw it for the first time, I was deeply attracted by the simple and elegant design that makes Falcon 2 user-friendly. As a laser engraving machine, the attractive appearance undoubtedly can capture the hearts of many people. Whether you are a beginner or advanced user of a laser engraver, Creality Falcon 2 is worth investing in. Take it home and start the trip on engraving for wood and metal!

Unboxing the Amazing Laser Engraving Machine

I am extremely excited that received the Creality Falcon 2 laser engraver and can’t wait to open it. As you can see, Creality Falcon 2 is a laser engraving machine with an elegant and user-friendly design that I pretty much love it. The most huge difference from other desktop laser engravers is that Creality Falcon 2 is a pre-assembled structure. I really like this bit of change, because I don’t need to spend tons of time assembling the laser machine.

I also intentionally tested the assembly time, I finish assembling a Creality Falcon 2 in only 6 minutes! How crazy it is! In the past, when opening the box of other desktop laser engravers, I was really at a loss when faced with a mass of scattered parts. But thanks to Creality Falcon 2, it takes the user’s pain points into serious consideration. So I have a feeling that Falcon 2 will be an excellent laser engraver for wood and metal.

Creality Falcon 2 Laser Engraver Specifications

Laser Power22W
Cutting CapacityCut 15mm with one pass
Engraving Speed25000mm/min
Colorful EngravingYes
Spot Size0.1mm
Working Area400*415mm
Laser Wavelength450nm
Laser SourceDiode laser
Input Voltage100-240V~ 50~60Hz
Output VoltageDC 24.0V 5.0A
Supported File FormatsSVG, png, jpg, jpeg, bmp, dxf
Supported SoftwareLaserGRBL、 LightBurn
Supported MaterialsCardboard, wood, bamboo, rubber, leather, fabric, acrylic, plastic, metal
Engraving File FormatGcode
Operating SystemWindows/ MacOS

22W Laser OutPut for Engraving Wood and Metal

Creality Falcon 2 is a laser engraving machine for wood and metal, you don’t have to doubt its performance. As we all know, to cut or engrave wood better, a laser engraver must have a power output and faster engraving speed. To our delight, Falcon 2 did.

With 22W laser output, Creality Falcon 2 can cut 15mm-20mm wood with a single pass. Of course, it also can cut 0.05mm stainless steel with one pass. For its cutting ability, we no longer need to doubt, it can compete with xTool D1 Pro 20W, and even win!

When cutting wood, don’t forget to apply this small tool to adjust laser focus according to the wood thickness. Considering the different cutting thicknesses, Creality Falcon 2 gives us the gadget to adjust the corresponding focal length. This is another consideration of the user’s pain points! In terms of this, I have to praise Falcon 2 again.

25000mm/min Faster Engraving Speed

The engraving speed is one of the most important factors that we need to consider. In terms of engraving speed, Creality Falcon 2 laser engraver is definitely one of the best desktop laser engravers for wood. 25000mm/min faster engraving speed makes it 2 times faster than normal laser engraving machines in the market.

25000mm/min high engraving speed can play an important role in doing larger engraving works. Falcon 2 has a 400mm*415mm working area lets us can do larger engraver works, and the faster engraving speed makes us finish the larger work faster.

Integrated Air Assist that Automatically Adjusts Airflow

I pretty much love this ground-breaking integrated air assist pump. we can manually adjust the air assist steplessly through the knob, or it can automatically adjust the airflow through LightBurn. We can adjust the airflow more strongly to bring a good cutting result, while we engrave on wood, we can change to a weak airflow.

If you have done a DIY wood craft by laser engraver, you should know the importance of an air assist pump. So we have to know the fact that the air assist can remove smoke to bring a cleaner result when we engrave or cut materials. Besides, thanks to removing smoke, it also can protect the laser lens which increases the service life of the laser head.

Below the photo is the testing of the cutting result between turning off and turning on the air assist by using the Creality Falcon 2 engraving for wood. As we can see, when we turn on the air assist, the engraving on the wood has more excellent results. Compared with turn-off air assist, turning on the air pump enables clearer engraving with no smoke around the edges.

Colorful Engraving on Stainless Steel

I can already imagine your surprised expression when you know Crealtiy Falcon 2 can colorfully engrave stainless steel. Yes, more than just an excellent laser engraver for wood, Falcon 2 has an interesting feature that can color engrave on stainless steel.

Thanks to 22W powerful laser output, Falcon 2 is able to color engrave on stainless steel. when the stainless steel is heated by the super powerful laser beam, the metal surface will physically react and produce hundreds of colors, bringing your works to life.

Six Safety Protections Enable Engraving for Wood Securely

To our delight, we never worry about the safety problem when using Creality Falcon 2 laser engraving. Six safety protections enable us to engrave wood more securely. Such as limit switches, the active stop function, security lock design, emergency stop button, laser protective cover, and flame detector, which also protect us from being hurt.

I want to talk about the flame detector function which is useful. When we use a laser engraver for wood, it easily causes a fire and burns the laser head. Fortunately, Creality Falcon 2 has a flame-monitoring function that can immediately stop the machine when detecting a flame.

Engraving Test on Wood with Creality Falcon 2

After learning about the exciting features of the Creality Falcon 2 laser engraving machine, we take a look at the performance of engraving on wood. The purpose of the test is that let you set the right parameters when using this laser engraver for wood.

As we can see when we set the maximum 25000mm/min engraving speed, we can set the 80% laser power that can get a pretty good result. When we set the lower speed to 7500mm/min, we only choose a 30% laser power to get a good result engraving.

Of course, the different parameter settings depend on one’s preference for the color shade of the engraved wood. Anyway, with this engraving comparison table, we can easily set the parameters of the engraving effect we want.

Cutting Test on Wood with Creality Falcon 2

Thanks to the 22W laser power, Creality Falcon 2 has the supper power ability in cutting wood and metal. In this part, let’s take a look at the suitable parameters when cutting different thickness plywood.

2mm plywood cutting

Creality Falcon 2 seems good at cutting on wood. In the cutting test on 2mm plywood. Cutting speed tested from 500mm/min to 1000mm/min, as you can see when we cut a 2mm plywood, it is better to set the engraving speed slower than 900mm/min.

3mm plywood cutting

In the 3mm plywood cutting experiment, we use Creality Falcon to cut the wood from 100mm/min to 1000mm/min with 100% laser power. Firstly, when tuning off the air assist, Falcon 2 can cut the 3mm plywood at 600mm/min with one hundred percent of laser power.

Secondly, when turning on the air assist, we surprisingly found that it can cut the 3mm plywood at 700mm/min speed with one hundred percent of laser power. This also proves that it is necessary to use the air assist if we want to get a better result when we use a laser engraver for wood.

Pros and Cons of Creality Falcon 2

I much love Creality Falcon 2, a reliable laser engraver for wood and metal. If you are looking for a reliable laser engraving machine, you can be assured that you will not be disappointed when you bring home the Creality Falcon 2. Through the use of feelings, I briefly talk about its advantages and disadvantages to let you know more.


  1. Strong cutting power: Equipped with a 22W laser head, there is no need to doubt his cutting ability
  2. Pre-assembled frame: This is one of the reasons I fell in love with it, just the quick assembling I wanted.
  3. Easy-to-control air assist pump: Automatically controlled by the machine.
  4. Intelligent offline engraving: The offline engraving feature is smart, simply read the latest file and draw a preview box that allows you to position the material and start working at the push of a button.
  5. Sturdy frame for high-speed use: The frame is sturdy which lets the machine operate at high speeds such as 25000mm/min.


  1. The motion system still uses rubber or pom wheels: The motion system is still using rubber or pom wheels. The laser engraver moves at a much higher speed, using steel wheels or linear rails would be much better.
  2. Offline engraving feature lacks a touch screen: There has no display on the machine, which can not read the file when offline engraving.
  3. No Wi-Fi support: It is operated with LightBurn or LaserGRBL, but requires a USB cable connection to the computer.

Common Questions When Using Creality Falcon 2 Laser Engraver

The Creality Falcon 2 is a high-powered laser engraver that is perfect for a variety of projects. It is easy to use and comes with a number of features that make it a great choice for both beginners and experienced users. But if you’re new to laser engraving, you may have some questions when want to use Creality Falcon 2.

The following points maybe you are a concern.

Is It Necessary to Use an Air Assist Pump When Engraving or Cutting Wood?

It is not necessary to use an air-assist pump when engraving or cutting wood, but I recommend you invest in an air-assist pump because it can offer a number of benefits. Air assist helps to clear away smoke and fumes from the laser cutting process, which can improve visibility and reduce the risk of fire. It can also help to prevent charring and scorching on the edges of the wood and can improve the overall quality of the engraving or cut.

Furthermore, with air assistance, it can prevent the smoke from sticking to the laser lens, thus prolonging the service life of the laser head and ensuring accurate laser power output.

So if you are planning on doing a lot of laser engraving or cutting on wood, an air-assist pump is a worthwhile investment. It can help to improve the quality of your work and make the process safer. Fortunately, Creality Falcon 2 is equipped with an integrated air assist.

The Role of Honeycomb Table?

A honeycomb table is a flatbed used in tandem with a laser engraver. It is composed of a succession of little hexagonal cells that are uniformly spaced apart. The honeycomb table supports the etched material and keeps it from bending or burning. It also aids in the dissipation of heat and smoke, which can increase the engraving quality. Using a honeycomb table with a laser engraver to cut wood can help keep your desk from being burnt or contaminated by smoke.

Why Can Creality Falcon 2 Color Engrave on Stainless Steel?

The Creality Falcon 2 can color engrave on stainless steel because of a physical reaction that occurs when the laser beam heats the metal. It is the use of laser heat energy to form a layer of oxide layer on the surface of stainless steel, the oxide layer due to temperature changes, produces different colors, thus forming a colorful laser marking effect.

In general rule, a higher power laser will create a darker engraving, while a lower laser power will create a lighter engraving. Therefore, if you want to engrave different colors on stainless steel, you need to set the right parameters for different pieces.

The Creality Falcon 2 is not the only laser engraver that can color engrave on stainless steel. However, it is one of the few that can do so at a high quality. This is due to the high 22W power of its laser and the precision of its engraving head.

So If you are looking for a laser engraver that can create high-quality color engravings on stainless steel, the Creality Falcon 2 is a great option.

Why Need to Adjust the Laser Focal Length When Cutting Different Thicknesses of Wood?

The laser focus length is the distance between the laser lens and the wood being cut. The laser beam is focused at a specific point, and the focal length determines how deep the laser will cut into the wood.

When using a laser engraver to cut different thicknesses of wood, we need to adjust the laser focus length to ensure that the laser is focused at the correct depth. If the focal length is too high, the laser will not cut through the wood completely. If the focal length is too low, the laser will burn the object underneath. So It is important to adjust the laser focus length when cutting different thicknesses of wood to ensure that the cuts are clean and accurate.

The correct laser focus length can be determined by experimenting with different settings. To our delight, Creation Falcon 2 has provided us with a useful small gadget to adjust the laser focus based on different thicknesses of wood.

What Kind of Wood is Best for Laser Engraving and Cutting?

The best wood to engrave and cut with the Creality Falcon 2 is determined by a variety of parameters, including the desired finish, the thickness of the board, and the complexity of the design.


In general, softwoods are easier to engrave and cut than hardwoods. This is due to the reduced density of softwoods, which are less prone to burn or scorch when subjected to the laser. Softwoods that are suitable candidates include:

Basswood is a light-colored, soft wood that is easy to engrave and carve. It is an excellent pick for novices due to its forgiving nature.

Pine is another softwood that is simple to engrave and cut. It is an excellent choice for applications requiring a large amount of material to be removed, such as carving out forms.

Poplar is a light-colored hardwood that’s simple to engrave and cut. It is an excellent choice for tasks requiring a smooth finish.


Although harder to engrave and cut than softwoods, hardwoods may give a more attractive finish. Hardwoods that are good selections include:

Maple is a light-colored hardwood that’s simple to engrave and cut. It is an excellent choice for jobs requiring a high level of detail.

Cherry is a dark-colored hardwood that is very simple to engrave and cut. It is an excellent choice for tasks requiring a smooth finish.

Walnut is a dark hardwood that is more difficult to engrave and cut than maple or cherry. It may, however, provide a really lovely finish.

The laser engraving and cutting process is also influenced by the thickness of the wood. Thicker timbers need greater force and speed when engraving or cutting. Because the laser may quickly harm thin woods, it is critical to select a lower power and speed setting. Because of its 22W strong laser output, the Creality Falcon 2 is a superb and adaptable laser engraver for wood.

How to Engrave Higher Quality Patterns on Wood?

Here are some pointers to help you increase the quality of your wood laser engraver when you use Creality Falcon2:

Select the appropriate wood: Some woods are more suited for laser engraving than others. Softwoods like basswood and pine are simpler to engrave than hardwoods.

Prepare the wood surface: Make sure the wood surface is smooth and free of dirt or debris. This will aid in ensuring that the laser engraves the wood uniformly.

For your engraving, use a vector picture: A vector image is a form of image that is made up of lines and curves. These graphics are ideal for laser engraving because they translate quickly into a sequence of dots that the laser can follow.

Use a high-resolution image: The higher the image resolution, the better the engraving quality.

try your engraving settings: Before you engrave your wood, try your engraving settings on a scrap piece of wood. This will help you decide the right power, speed, and other parameters for your laser engraver.

Be patient: Larger laser engraving might be time-consuming. Be patient and let the laser do its work.

Have fun with your results: Laser engraving is an excellent technique to personalize your wood items. You can produce beautiful and detailed wood engravings that can survive for years with a little effort.

Final Thought

Creality Falcon 2 laser engraver is definitely a top choice for a reliable device, as it boasts outstanding features such as a built-in air assist pump and strong cutting power. Among desktop laser engravers, it ranks as one of the best, alongside the Xtool D1 Pro. Therefore, if you’re looking for a reliable laser engraving machine, the Creality Falcon 2 is definitely worth considering.