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xTool P2: Smart Desktop CO2 Laser Cutter 55W Review


xTool has recently launched a revolutionary CO2 laser cutter machine called the xTool P2. As a smart desktop CO2 laser machine, xTool P2 is perfect for anyone who wants to create custom home decor, furniture, or even jewelry. With its powerful 55W laser, the xTool P2 can cut through 20mm of acrylic or wood in one pass. It’s also incredibly fast, with a maximum engraving speed of 600mm/s which faster 2-6 faster than other laser cutters.

xTool P2

Different from xTool F1, xTool P2 is a 55W CO2 laser cutter, which means P2 has more cutting ability and a larger working area, etc. Compared with other CO2 laser cutter machines, xTool P2 is more affordable. Let’s take a look at some of xTool P2’s amazing features.

Dual High-Accuracy Smart Cameras

xTool P2 is a CO2 laser cutter equipped with two 16MP cameras for accurate focusing, curved engraving, and batch processing. The Panoramic camera captures the entire work surface in seconds. Both cameras are autofocused and connected to the software for previewing and adjusting images before engraving.

With high-accuracy live preview and auto-focus features, you can easily drag your drawings to the right place you want. Everyone can master xTool P2 in minutes.

Dual High-Accuracy Smart Cameras

Superb Cutting Ability

The xTool P2 is a CO2 laser cutter that uses a 55W laser tube. This makes it powerful enough to cut through 18mm walnut and 20mm acrylic with one pass. In terms of cutting ability, xTool P2 is a versatile machine that can be used for a variety of projects. It is perfect for hobbyists, small businesses, and makers of all levels of experience.

cutting 20mm acrylic
cutting 18mm walnut

6X Higher Working Speed

xTool P2 is the CO2 laser engraver, you may know that the CO2 laser has ultra-high absorption efficiency on wood and acrylic. So it is not surprising that P2 can cut 3mm basswood at the speed of 35mm/s, which is 2 times faster than a 22W diode laser.

Longer Engraving with Automatic Passthrough

Assembled with the Automatic Conveyor Feeder, xTool P2 provides the automatic passthrough for precision and convenience when engraving and cutting extra-large materials. How long can xTool P2 engrave with the Automatic Conveyor Feeder? The answer is up to 118 inches(299.72cm)! This is an absolutely amazing feature rarely seen in other CO2 laser cutter machines.

xTool P2 with Automatic Conveyor Feeder

Good Solution for Curved Surface Engraving

The xTool P2 is a powerful CO2 laser cutter capable of producing beautiful designs. The P2’s capacity to automatically generate 3D models of curved objects and automatically adjust focus length during processing is one of its most outstanding capabilities. This means that you can engrave even the most intricate forms with precision and accuracy using the xTool P2.

For instance, suppose you want to engrave a design on a spherical object. A classic laser engraver would require you to first make a 3D model of the object before using software to generate a flat picture that could be engraved. However, with the xTool P2, you can simply lay the object on the work area and the machine will produce a 3D model of it. This model will then be used by the xTool P2 CO2 laser cutter to build a laser path that will ensure that the pattern is engraved precisely, even on the curved surface of the object.

curved surface engraving
curved surface engraving

Batch Engraving to Improve Your Efficiency

Thanks to the smart camera, xTool P2 can intelligently recognize shapes and fill patterns on multiple objects and engrave them in one batch. This is a great time-saver for users who want to create multiple copies of the same design. For example, you could use the xTool P2 CO2 laser engraver to create a batch of custom business cards or gift tags.

Batch Engraving
Batch Engraving
Batch Engraving with xTool p2
Batch Engraving with xTool p2

Riser Base Satisfy Higher Volume Objects Engraving

With the riser baser extended kit, it can raise the machine and increases the inner high to 215 millimeters. Yes, it can turn xTool P2 into a higher CO2 laser cutter to engrave higher-volume objects, such as a suitcase.

xTool P2 with a riser base
xTool P2 engrave a suitcase

All-around Safy Protection

The xTool P2 is a safe and dependable CO2 laser cutter suitable for both novice and professional users. Here are some more specifics about the P2’s security features:

The xTool P2 has an enclosed design that shields you from the laser light and smoke. The light-filtering cover also keeps hazardous rays from being emitted by the laser.

Automatic Lock: During operation, the xTool P2’s lid automatically locks, restricting access to the laser. This is an extremely critical safety feature for houses with children or pets.

Emergency Stop Button: In the event of an emergency, the xTool P2 contains an emergency stop button that may be used to turn off the laser. This is an important safety function that should be employed in the event of a power loss or other unforeseen occurrence.

The xTool P2’s hydraulic support mechanism keeps the lid open at a 70-degree angle. This protects the lid from falling unexpectedly, which might result in damage.

The xTool P2 works with the xTool fire safety kit, which detects and extinguishes flames. This is a crucial safety element that guards against fire damage to your house and goods.

Multiple-Warning System: The xTool P2 features a multi-warning system that informs you of possible issues like overheating, a shortage of cooling water, and more. This helps to avoid machine damage and assures safe operation.

xTool P2

What Different Between xTool P2 CO2 Laser Cutter and xTool’s Diode Laser Engraver?

The primary distinction between the xTool P2 CO2 laser cutter and the diode laser engraver is the laser type. The xTool P2 makes use of a CO2 laser, whereas the diode laser engraver makes use of a diode laser.

CO2 lasers, as we know, are more powerful than diode lasers and can cut through a larger spectrum of materials. They are, however, more pricey. Diode lasers are less costly than CO2 lasers and are better suited to engraving rather than cutting.

So, it all depends on your requirements and money. The 55W xTool P2 is a wonderful choice if you need a strong machine that can cut a range of materials. The xTool diode laser engraver is a fantastic alternative if you want less-priced equipment that is better for engraving.

Final Thought

xTool P2 is a powerful and versatile CO2 laser cutter that is perfect for a variety of projects. It is easy to use and comes with a variety of features that make it a great choice for both beginners and experienced users. Compared with other CO2 laser cutters and engravers, xTool P2 is also relatively affordable, making it a great value for the price. If you are looking for a CO2 laser cutter, the xTool P2 is a great option to consider. It is a powerful, versatile, and affordable machine that is perfect for a variety of projects.

xTool P2