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Gweike Cloud G2 20W Portable Fiber Laser Engraver Review: Better Than xTool F1?


Gweike Cloud has recently launched a 20-watt portable fiber laser engraver called the G2 fiber engraving machine. If you are enthusiastic about marking metals and plastics or you have your own business that needs to customize jewelry, Gweike Cloud G2 is absolutely your best choice. Personally, I think the Gweike Cloud G2 could possibly become the best portable fiber laser engraver for metals in 2023. The 20W laser source and up to 15000mm/s engraving speed make it better than any consumer 1064 nm laser engraving machine on the market.

As we all know, a 1064 nm infrared laser is perfect for engraving metals, but many brands like xTool F1 and Laserpecker 4 only have 2W 1064nm infrared laser power, which means they cannot personalize engraving on metal more efficiently. To cater to users, the Gweike Cloud G2 20W fiber laser engraver is tailor-made for engraving all metals perfectly.

As an early bird price, the G2 starts at $1,599, which isn’t cheap, but it’s definitely a sound investment. Whether you’re a jewelry customizer or a DIY enthusiast, this portable fiber laser engraver will give you an experience you’ve never had before.

Unboxing of Gweike Cloud G2

The unboxing and assembling tutorial can be viewed in the video below. You can get the G2 package including a laser source, a laser head, a working panel, a positioning plate, and other necessary cables or accessories. In order to make the best use of this fiber laser engraver, we recommend purchasing these necessary extension kits, such as the G2 safety shield, G2 chuck rotary, G2 roller rotary, and Gweike Cloud safety goggles, which will cost you an additional $398 but worth to do it. Special mention to the chuck rotary or roller rotary, it is necessary for you to engrave/customize your tumblers, mugs, or glass. As the unboxing video shows below, Gweike Cloud G2 is easy to assemble, which is very suitable for the characteristics of a portable fiber laser engraver.

Gweike Cloud G2 Unboxing

Gweike Cloud G2 Portable Fiber Laser Engraver Key Features Review

1. 20W laser source &15000mm/s engraving speed

High-speed engraving is the one of highlight features of fiber laser engraver compared with the diode laser engraver. GweikeCloud G2’s high-speed engraving ability comes from two sources, one the one hand, the laser beam is moved through the laser lens inside the laser head so that the laser beam moves faster. On the other hand, the 20W laser power makes G2 more efficient in metal engraving. On the contrary, due to the gantry structure of the desktop diode laser engraving machine, the laser beam must rely on the guide rail and the motor to drive the movement, so that the movement speed is greatly limited.

Therefore, due to the 20W fiber laser power, Gweike Cloud G2 has up to 15000mm/s engraving speed, which is 10 times faster than other 2W 1064nm portable laser engravers. Take LaserPecker 3 for example, the Gweike G2 takes only 3 minutes and 35 seconds to carve the same design, while the Laserpecker 3 takes 38 minutes and 38 seconds to engrave the same pattern. That’s a huge improvement in productivity which blows my mind!

Gweike G2 vs laserpecker 3
Gweike G2 vs laserpecker 3

what important is that the 20w industrial-grade laser source gives the G2 the confidence for fast engraving and 100,000 hours of service life so that consumers do not have to worry about equipment damage due to overuse.

2. High-accuracy engraving with HD 8K resolution

Another admirable advantage of the Gweike Cloud G2 portable fiber laser engraver is that it can be engraved in HD 8K. In the past, due to technical limitations, customized patterns were often not high-definition enough, making it impossible to show richer details in the creation of metal or plastic. But now G2’s ultra-high resolution engraving capability makes our creation more vivid and rich.

3. Best portable fiber laser engraver for metal

If you are looking for the best laser engraver for metals on the go, the GweikeCloud G2 portable fiber laser engraving machine will be the machine you have to consider and buy. The 20W fiber laser power is able to do 3D engraving on metals, which is able to do 1.5mm deep engraving metals! This is really different, the deep engraving on the metal makes the personalized pattern three-dimensional, which I think other portable laser engraving machines are difficult to do. Even the xTool F1 and LaserPecker 4 cannot achieve the effect of metal 3D engraving because their laser source is only a 2W 1064nm infrared laser.

3D engraving on metal

Obviously, Gweike Cloud G2 is really good at metal engraving, and it is not too much to be the best desktop and portable fiber laser engraver for metal marking. Since Gweike Cloud G2 is a fiber laser engraving machine, it is able to engrave almost all metals, which is really suitable for those who need personalized metal design, such as personalized jewelry marking, and customized decoration of metal objects in the home.

Gweike G2 engraving on metals

4. More than 30 kinds of colors for engraving

Gweike Cloud G2 fiber laser engraver has a rich color engraving is also the most exciting point for me, which is really good news for stainless steel color engraving enthusiasts like me. In the past, I often used diode laser engraving machines, which it is excellent for wood cutting, but there are shortcomings in stainless steel engraving because when the color engraving on stainless steel, the color is always not bright enough and not rich enough. Fortunately, the G2 has come along and thus remedied this shortcoming.

As you can see in the picture below, Gweike Cloud G2 can engrave over 30 colors on stainless steel. Why can it engrave vivid color? Fiber laser engravers can perform a variety of engraving parameter combinations, such as speed, power, and frequency. However, other desktop laser engraving machines only have a combination of speed and power engraving parameters, so the G2 20W portable fiber laser engraving is able to produce more color on stainless steel.

GweikeCloud G2 color engraving on stainless steel
vivid color engraving
vivid color engraving

5. Excellent fiber laser engraver for tumblers

As a DIY enthusiast, in order to make the tumblers, cups, or wine bottles at home more personalized, so as to play the role of space decoration. To achieve that, rotary extension kits are necessary, so that is why I recommend you purchase rotary together with Gweike Cloud G2 at the beginning. Only with the rotary extension, are you able to turn this portable fiber laser engraver become the best tool for customizing tumblers, cups, mugs, and rings.

The chuck rotary is suitable for engraving rings, tumblers with regular shapes, or other slender cylinders like lipstick and pens. The roller rotary was tailor-made for those irregular cylinders, such as wine bottles, Yeti cups, wine glasses, etc. With these two types of rotary extension kits, you can personalize your tumblers better.

chuck rotary
Chuck rotary
chuck rotary  for ring
Chuck rotary
roller rotary for tumblers
Roller rotary

6. Handheld & multi-angle engraving: engraving whatever you want

The Gweike Cloud G2 20W portable fiber laser engraver is versatile for more than just engraving your tumblers at home. Handheld and multi-angle adjustments make G2 even more versatile. The handheld engraving means GweikeCloud G2 has cleverly designed a detachable structure that extends its engraving capabilities beyond the limits of traditional workbenches. For example, you can easily pick it up to personalize your bag and even mark your favorite patterns on the walls and furniture.

Handheld for engraving a bag
Handheld for engraving a bag

Multiple angles mean that the G2 can easily be manually adjusted to the angle of the laser head, allowing for personalized engraving on different surfaces. Multi-angle engraving makes up for what rotary extension kits cannot do. Although rotary extension kits can be engraved for most objects, the rotary seems to lose its function when it meets objects with tilted surfaces that cannot be placed on the rotary. Therefore, multi-angle adjustment is also an important component of the Gweike Cloud G2 fiber laser engraver, which makes it omnipotent.

Multiple angles engraving

Gweike Cloud G2 VS xTool F1

xTool F1 is a dual laser machine that has a 10W 450nm diode laser and a 2W 1064nm infrared laser, which means it can engrave a lot of materials, both metals, plastics, and wood, while Gweike Cloud G2 was tailor-made for metals and plastics. In terms of material engraving, xTool F1 is indeed more comprehensive than Gweike Cloud G2. However, the Gweike Cloud G2 20W fiber laser engraver also has many advantages over xTool F1.

Firstly, xTool F1’s engraving speeds are far behind G2’s. According to their official claimed max speeds, Gweike Cloud G2 has up to 15000mm/s engraving speed which is 4 times faster than xTool F1 of 4000mm/s, even though 4000mm/s is supper faster compared with desktop diode laser engraver. It can verify the opinions from the comparison of laser power, Gweike Cloud G2 has a 20W fiber laser which is 10 times more powerful than xTool F1’s 2W infrared laser power. Usually, when the laser power is greater, we can set a faster engraving speed to achieve the same engraving effect.

Secondly, Gweike Cloud G2 is more excellent in engraving metals than xTool F1. The 20W fiber laser not only makes G2 faster engraving than xTool F1 but also has a stronger metal engraving capability. The 20W fiber laser power has enough power to do the deep engraving in metals, even 1.5mm deep 3D engraving on metals, but xTool F1 is unable to do that. Therefore, you should know the Gweike Cloud G2 is a professional portable fiber laser engraver tailor-made for engraving metals! If you have a huge demand for customizing metals and plastics, GweikeCloud G2 is your best choice rather than xTool F1.

Thirdly, multi-angle adjustment is also a key feature of G2 that is over xTool F1. The angle of the laser head can be adjusted manually so that G2 can adapt to different angles of engraving, so as to make up for what the rotary extension kits can not do.

Overall, the GweiCloud G2 20W is a professional portable fiber laser engraver for metal. It is worth investing in if you have a demand for customizing metal or plastic objects, such as tumblers, rings, and other jewelry, etc. However, one thing you should know is that Gweike Cloud G2 cannot engrave or cut wood.

Key FeaturesGweiKe Cloud G2xTool F1
Max engraving speed15000mm/s4000mm/s
Laser power20W fiber laser10W 450nm diode laser
2W 1064nm infrared laser
Multi-angle adjustmentYesNo
Metal engraving capabilityStrongweak
Wood cutting/engravingNoYes
Standard marking feild110mm*110mm/
Extended with accessoriesYesYes
GweikeCloud G2 VS xTool F1 comparison table

Gweike Cloud G2 VS LaserPecker 4

LaserPecker 4 is similar to xTool F1, so obviously, in terms of engraving speed and metal engraving capability, GweikeCloud G2 is much more excellent than LaserPercker 4. The maximum engraving speed of G2 is 7.5 times faster than LaserPecker 4 and G2 has 20W fiber laser power which is more powerful than LaserPecker 4 ‘s 2W IR laser and 10W 450nm diode laser. However, LaserPecker 4 is able to cut and engrave wood due to being equipped with a 10w 450nm diode laser while GweikeCloud G2 is unable to.

On the other hand, as mentioned earlier, Gweike Cloud G2 is tailor-made for customizing metals with 20W fiber laser power, so LaserPecker 4 is the same as xTool F1, and its metal engraving capability is much weaker than Gweike Cloud G2. On the other hand, GweikeClould G2 is more affordable than Lasrpecker 4. You can a G2 20W portable fiber laser engraver only for $1599, but LaserPecker 4 needs you to invest $1799. If you want to purchase the rotary extension, your budget should be around $1859 while LaserPecker 4 needs to spend around $2105.

Again, they each have their own functions and features. You can only decide which machine to buy according to your actual needs. If you want to have a powerful laser engraving machine to engrave metal more perfectly, then you can directly choose GweikeCloud G2, but if your needs for metal engraving are not so strong and you want to engrave and cut wood more, then LaserPecker 4 or xTool F1 is more suitable for you.

Key FeaturesGweikeCloud G2LaserPecker 4
Max engraving speed15000mm/s2000mm/s
Laser power20W fiber laser10W 450nm diode laser
2W 1064nm infrared laser
Multi-angle adjustmentYesYes
Metal engraving capabilityStrongweak
Wood cutting/engravingNoYes
Standard marking feild110 mm*110 mm/
115 mm*115 mm
160 mm x 120 mm
Extended with accessoriesYesYes
GweikeCloud G2 VS LaserPecker 4 comparison table


In summary, the Gweike Cloud G2 20W portable fiber laser is an impressive laser machine because its powerful engraving on metals blows my mind. 1.5mm deep engraving on metals makes it become a 3D laser engraving machine on metals. Besides, its 15000mm/s super fast engraving speed also surprised me the most, and with its such a fast engraving speed, it’s hard for me not to want to buy it to upgrade the diode engraving machine in my home.

However, you must be clear that Gweike Cloud G2 does not support engraving on wood, please pay attention to this when buying. Except that you can’t engrave and cut wood, everything else is perfect!

GweikeCloud G2