iKier K1 laser engraver

iKier K1 Review: Atomstack’s High-end Laser Engraver with Black Technologies

Atomstack launched its high-end brand called iKier in 2023. With the iKier K1 series laser engraver launching, we can witness a new era of intelligent laser engraving machines. iKier K1 series has two versions at present, including 24W laser power and 36W laser power, we can select the right version as needed. As a laser engraver, both aesthetic design and cutting ability are perfect. In this article, we will closely look at the black technologies used in the iKier K1 series, which makes iKier become one-of-a-kind in the laser market.

ikier K1 36W laser engraving machine

No Reason to Complain About the Cutting Abilities

There is no reason to complain about the Cutting abilities. At the moment, Atomsatck launched the iKier K1 series comes in two versions: 24W laser power and 36W laser power. So we may choose the appropriate version as needed. I recommend you choose the iKier K1 ultra 36W laser engraver, it will have more powerful cutting ability.

As previously said, you should never be concerned about the cutting ability of a powerful laser output laser engraving machine. For example, Atomstack iKier K1 36W can cut 25 mm paulownia wood and 15 mm base wood in a single pass and even 0.3 mm stainless metal also cuts in one pass.

15mm basswood cutting in one pass
25mm paulownia wood cuttign in one pass
0.3mm stainless metal cutting in single pass

0.3 mm stainless metal cuts in one pass

Do you know about the colorful engraving on stainless steel? If the laser engraver’s laser output is more powerful. Yes, the iKier K1 36W can also perfectly engrave beautiful colors in stainless steel.

colorful engraving on stainlees metal

One more exciting thing is that Atomstack has revealed details regarding the iKier K1 Pro 48W! They claim that iKier K1 48W is the world’s first laser engraver featuring a gear switch laser module. That is too amazing, we can switch laser power to the 24W or 48W freely based on what we need.

switch laser power to the 24W or 48W free base we need

Engraving Speed Up to 800mm/s, Four Times Faster Than Others

The first Black technology is the engraving speed. Did you know that iKier K1 engraving speed can reach up to 800 mm/s(48000 mm/min)? This is four times faster than other laser engraving machines on the market, so Atomstack claims confidently that iKier K1 series is the world’s faster diode laser engraving machine. Plus, the working area may be one of the factors that fall in love with this laser engraving machine, 410 mm* 410 mm may meet your all-size creation need.

410 mm* 410 mm  working area

Motorized Z-axis Makes Autofocus Smarter

The second Black technology is the motorized Z-axis that makes autofocus smarter. With intelligent automatic focus, we can say goodbye to manual focus. It will be more convenient once we begin engraving and allow the laser to focus more precisely and efficiently. I have reviewed TwoTrees TS2 laser engraving machine previously, which also features the autofocus that makes it different from others. But Atomstack’s high-end laser engraver: iKier K1 series, seems to have a more intelligent autofocus tech because of the motorized Z-axis, an updated technology.

Motorized Z-axis

Resume Engraving Prevents Work Failures Resulting from Unexpected Power Outages

The third black technology is resume engraving. The feature of resume engraving can prevent work failures when encountering sudden power off. Try to imagine that we are engraving our beautiful creations and suddenly encounter power outages. How unpleasant it is! and how harmful it is to the excitement of our creativity.

To our unexpected, the iKier K1 series laser engraver has a function that detected unexpected power failure during engraving. This ground-breaking function allows us to continue engraving after connecting the power again when encounter power failure. Who wouldn’t love a clever laser engraving machine like this?

 resume engraving

Automatic Sinking Makes Cutting More Efficiency

The fourth black technology is sinking cutting. When compared to machines of the same power, automatic sinking cutting technology can increase the maximum cutting depth by 25% while also providing better-cutting results. In order to perform excellent depth cutting, the ikier K1 laser engraving machine need to keep the laser beams focused correctly through all depth. So, the sinking cutting technology is the one of factors that apart iKier K1 series from other laser engravers.

Automatic sinking cutting technology

Enhance Your User Experience with Automatic Air Assist

The fifth black technology is the automatic air assist. iKier K1 laser engraving machine has a smart air assist system that can automatically adjust the airflow through LightBurn, using strong airflow when cutting and weak airflow when engraving.

Perhaps you’re wondering why we choose different airflows when cutting and engraving. We need a lot of airflow while cutting to assist the laser beam cut through the material because the powerful airflow helps to eliminate smoke and debris from the cutting path, which can increase cut quality.

We want to employ a mild airflow while engraving to keep the laser beam from overheating the material, which can create uneven or discolored engraving.

automatic air assist

Infrared Cross Positioning Ensure your Precise Engraving Position

The sixth black technology is infrared cross-positioning. I really love this infrared cross-positioning feature, which is bulleted in the iKier K1’s Z-axis. You should know that one of the most common complaints from laser engraving machine customers is that it is difficult to arrange the design horizontally. Thank god, iKier K1 already solve it via the technology of infrared cross-positioning.

Infrared Cross Positioning

Multiple Security Protection Allows You to Create Carefreely

Four safety protection features allow you to create peace of mind. Flame detection, limit switch, gyroscope, and security lock design, those security protections are the laser engraver’s base functions, which prevent the user or machine from being harmed. Especially flame detection, which is the most important way to protect the machine from being burned. Once the materials catch fire, the iKier K1 laser engraver will stop the laser from working and avoid burning.

Multiple Security Protection


I am happy to know Atomstack launched a new high-end laser engraver called iKier K1. Compared with other laser engraving machines, ikier K1 series has some revolutionary technology, which catches the consumer’s eye. If you are looking for a powerful cutting ability laser cutting machine or reliable laser engraver, iKier K1 series may be your one of choice.

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