LaserPecker 4

LaserPecker 4 Review: The Best Desktop Laser Engraver with Dual-Laser for All Material


Before the LaserPecker 4 launched, I thought the most advanced desktop laser engraver belonged to the LaserPecker LX1 or Snapmaker Artisan 3-in-1. Because these two products have interchangeable modules to turn them into other-function machines. But now that LaserPecker 4 is launching, I will change my mind. The LaserPecker 4 is a desktop laser engraver, and it deserves to be number one in the market. Not only does LaserPecker 4 have built-in dual laser heads that easily change the laser mode with a swipe on the touch screen, but it also has an amazing and unbelievable engraver speed of 2000mm/s, which is 10 times that of other desktop laser engravers on the market.

To my excitement, the LaserPecker 4 has raised more than 4.7 million dollars on IndieGoGo and Kickstarter, which shows how popular this desktop laser engraver is. In this article, let’s take a look at why this desktop laser engraver is so revolutionary and advanced.

You can get LaserPecker 4 only for the price of around $1599, but if you want to upgrade the machine with a rotary extension and slide extension, invest around 2000 USD to get all the bundles.

LaserPecker 4 Review

Very easy to assemble

As for this part, I needn’t say more. LaserPeck 4 is still keeping its brand’s style that is easy to assemble. Given its size and easy assembly design, it is more of a portable engraving machine than a desktop engraving machine.

Dual-laser source system for almost all materials

The LaserPecker 4 desktop laser engraver offers the simplest dual-laser switching solution in the world. By swiping the machine’s touch screen, you can effortlessly alternate between two laser sources. There is no need for complex configurations and your work can be completed in a matter of seconds. For example, swiping left on the LaserPecker 4 screen changes to 10W 450nm laser mode, and swiping right changes to 2W1064nm infrared laser mode.

change the laser source via swipe on the touch screen.

1064 infrared lasers excel at engraving metal and plastic, while diode lasers are ideal for engraving and cutting wood, leather, and glass. In the past, to cover the entire range of materials, you would typically need to purchase two laser engravers with different light sources. However, with LaserPecker 4, both light sources are integrated into a single machine, enabling you to switch between them in just one second based on the material you need to engrave. I was impressed by this genius idea!

Faster engraving speed

To my great surprise, as a desktop laser engraver, LaserPecker 4’s engraving speed is up to 2000mm/s! It means that this desktop laser engraver’s speed is almost 10-12 times faster than other laser engravers in the market. This definitely greatly improves the creation time of the creators, so that we don’t have to endure the tedious long time waiting for the work to be engraved and cut.

Higher engraving accuracy

The higher engraving accuracy of LaserPecker4 is a game-changer for engraving enthusiasts and professionals alike. LaserPecker 4 has achieved an unparalleled level of precision in engraving, with an upgraded accuracy of 8K and a granularity of 0.003mm. So, what exactly does this 8K (equivalent to 1270 dpi) means? Actually, the images engraved by LaserPecker 4 desktop laser engraver will be incredibly lifelike, almost as if they were printed, but with the added advantage of being permanently etched onto the object.

The 0.003mm granularity of LaserPecker 4’s engraving accuracy means that users can engrave even the smallest of details with ease. This level of precision is especially important for engravings that require fine lines or small lettering. LaserPecker 4’s higher engraving accuracy also means that users can achieve a higher level of depth and contrast in their engravings, resulting in a more visually striking finished product.

PC software and LaserPecker APP control

The new LaserPecker app ship with a brand new and powerful Creation module. It supports multi-layer editing, variable engraving settings, multi-format image import, and many more image editing features. It also comes with a new community feature that allows users to share creative engravings as well as preferred settings. The important thing is that the LaserPecker App will recommend the optimal laser source and parameters based on the material you select. Lastly, by popular demand, the LaserPecker 4 is now compatible with LightBurn.

LaserPecker 4 VS LaserPecker LX1

LaserPecker LX1, which I review previously is also a newly launched desktop laser engraving. Its four interchangeable laser module design also appeals to us the most. So what is the difference between LaserPecker 4 and LaserPecker LX1?

Here is a quick comparison between Laserpecker 4 and Laserpecker LX1:

key featuresLaserPecker 4 LaserPecker LX1
Laser Typechange the laser type with a swipe on the displaychange the laser head with a screw
Engraving Speedup to 2000mm/sup to 200mm/s
Engraving Area160 mm*300 mm with the slide extension400 mm*420 mm
Cutting ability10w 450nm blue laser cut 8mm wood 20w 450nm blue laser cut 15mm wood
Cylindrical engravingAvailableAvailable
Engraving Precision0.003mm0.05mm

The difference between LaserPecker 4 and LaserPecker LX1

As you can see the key features between Laserpecker 4(LP4) and LaserPecker LX1(LX1) are on the form above. we can draw a conclusion from these key different features:

  1. Laser Type: LaserPecker 4 and LaserPecker LX1 have 450nm blue and 1064nm red lasers. The LP4 has embedded these two laser heads, and you can change the laser type by swiping on the display. But for LX1, you need to change the laser head with a screw manually.
  2. Engraving Speed: The LaserPecker 4 is 10 times faster than LX1. LP4’s engraving speed gets up to 2000mm/s, but LX1’s engraving, LX1’s biggest engraving spend is 200mm/s.
  3. Engraving Area: The LaserPecker LX1’s engraving area is larger than Laserpecker 4. The primary engraving area of LX1 is 400 mm*420 mm, but the LP4’s working area increases to 160 mm*300 mm with the slide extension.
  4. Cutting ability: The LX1 is more powerful than LP4 because LX1 can change the 20w 450nm blue laser manually, but Laserpecker 4 only has a 10w 450nm blue laser.
  5. Cylindrical engraving: Both LX1 and LP4 can engrave on cylindrical objects with rotary extension.
  6. Engraving Precision: The LP4’s engraving precision is better than LX1’s. LP4 is 0.003mm, but LX1 is 0.05mm.

I extremely recommend the LaserPecker 4 if you pursue the faster engraving speed and more precision. It is an awesome desktop laser engraver that makes you immerse yourself in faster and excellent creation. But if you prefer a bigger engraving area and powerful cutting ability, LaserPecker LX1 may be your first choice.

LaserPecker 4 VS LaserPecker 3

Here is a quick comparison between LP4 and LP3:

key featuresLaserPecker 4 LaserPecker 3
Laser Typechange the laser type with a swipe on the display
10W 450nm laser and 2W 1064nm infrared laser
only 2W 1064nm infrared laser
Engraving Speedup to 2000mm/sup to 800mm/s
Engraving Area160 mm*300 mm with the slide extension90x80mm
Cutting ability10w 450nm blue laser cut 8mm woodmainly engraving
Cylindrical engravingAvailableAvailable
Engraving Precision0.003mm0.01mm

The difference between LaserPecker 4 and LaserPecker 3

Compare with Laserpecker 3(LP3), the LaserPecker 4(LP4) is a new-generation desktop laser engraver. LP4’s more significant features than LP3 are the engraving speed, engraving accuracy, and the ability to change the type of laser head depending on the materials. Obviously, if you are looking for a better and faster desktop laser engraver, the LP4 is your best choice. It can fully enable you to develop a variety of DIY creations. But to be fair, the LP3 is also far superior to the laser machines on the market.

Final Thought

To be honest, I was surprised by the design of the LaserPecker 4 when it came out. This is simply my dream desktop laser engraver, because of its engraving speed and precision, the perfect solution to the pain points of this industry. In the past, I had to put up with the low speed and low resolution of other brands’ laser machines, but the LaserPecker 4 seems to try its best to resolve these pain points.

Anyway, with the launching of LaserPecker 4, there is bound to be a new technological revolution in the desktop laser engraver market. The max 2000mm/s engraving speed alone makes me want to get one!