Laserpecker LX1 laser engraver

LaserPecker LX1 Review: A Foldable Laser Engraver With Four Interchangeable Modules


LaserPecker is about to release a new product, calls LaserPecker LX1 laser engraver. This laser engraver comes out with a foldable design and is able to interchange four modules. With four interchangeable modules, LaserPecker LX1 can turn into four different devices to meet the creators’ all needs. This will be a pretty cool device that can call a four-in-one laser engraver. Just as I have reviewed Snapmaker Artisan 3-in-1 3D printer before, more and more manufacturers began to concentrate on products of multifunction in-one to stand out in the market.

LaserPecker LX1 launch with a foldable design and four-in-one features, which will possibly make LX1 become the strongest contender in the laser market. LaserPecker LX1 definitely become one of the best laser engraving machines in 2023. Let’s explore this remarkable laser engraver! Read more: LaserPecker LX1 Max Review

Folding frame for instant use and easy storage

The LaserPecker LX1’s simple “lift-and-turn” frame requires no assembly, enables work to begin quickly, and makes for convenient storage. Normally, laser engravers in the market have to be assembled and take up a lot of space. But LX1’s foldable design really appeals to me, which means I have no need to spend time completing the machine painfully. Another benefit of the folding frame is that it will make it very easy to store the machine.

Interchangeable modules meet all needs

The LX1 is available with four tool modules to extend its functionality and creativity. You can purchase them together with a bundle or buy them individually to suit your specific creative needs. Let’s take a look.

10W 450nm blue laser module

In order to upgrade LaserPecker LX1’s engraver and cutting ability, LX1 will offer two different blue laser output modules. For instance, 10W 450nm blue laser module can satisfy your creativity basically, it engraves on wood, bamboo, leather, paper, cardboard, acrylic, stone, glass, coated metal, and anodized metals. As for the cutting ability, the 10W laser module can cut up to 10mm wood and 5mm acrylic. With this 10W laser head, you can do your DIY work as easily as TwoTrees TS2 10W.

20W 450nm blue laser module

Actually, a 10W laser head can satisfy your regular engraving or cutting needs. But if you want to have faster engraving speed and more depth-cutting ability, the 20W laser module will help you do this. With the LaserPecker LX1 20W laser module’s powerful cutting ability, the 20W laser module can cut 15mm solid wood and 8mm acrylic single pass, which can compete with xTool D1 pro 20W and Creality Falcon 2.

2W 1064nm infrared laser module

LaserPecker is a brand that understands its customers, to provide the 2W 1064nm infrared laser module. 2W 1064 infrared laser module has more excellent engraving ability on metals than the blue laser model. We can use the 2w infrared laser module engraves on most metals, opaque plastic, leather, opaque acrylic, stone, painted glass, and painted ceramics. With this infrared laser module, we have no worry about engraving on a variety of metals.

The artist module helps you draw effortlessly

This little innovation really caught my eye. I never see a laser engraver machine that can provide a module that helps creators draw! The Artist Module makes drawing effortless for creators of all ages, and it’s compatible with a variety of pens and writing/drawing implements.

Expand larger laser working area

As I said before, LaserPecker really understands its customers. The stander version of LaserPecker LX1’s laser working area is 16.54 Inch*15.75 Inch(420 mm*400 mm). But in order to meet customers’ larger work area needs to create their larger DIY works, LaserPecker also has the upgrade kits to extend the laser working area to 31.5 Inch*15.75 inch(800 mm* 400 mm).

Final thought

To be honest, LaserPecker LX1 catches my eye because of its foldable design which means I can easily store it, and it probably will make it become the first choice for the home DIY creator. Besides, the four interchangeable modules turn LX1 into a four-in-one laser engraver, which really improves the creators’ working efficiency and meets all creation needs.

Overall, I think the LaserPecker LX1 laser engraver will be a revolution in the laser market. With its novel design, it wouldn’t be surprising if it stand out in the laser market. I can’t wait to get one when it is available for sale!