Longer Laser B1 40W

Longer Laser B1 40W Laser Cutter Review: Powerful Desktop Laser Machine


The Longer Laser B1 40W is one of the most powerful laser cutters on the market. According to Longer’s description, the laser output power can reach 44–48 watts, the engraving speed can reach 36000 mm/min, and the engraving precision is 0.01mm. They claim to be the world’s first 48W diode laser cutter and can cut 40 mm basswood, 50mm acrylic, and 0.15mm stainless steel. That’s powerful!

The working area is 450mm x 440mm. It also has an air pump to adjust the airflow when we cut or engrave. The Longer Laser B1 also has eight safety protection measures, including an emergency stop button, a limit switch, a security lock, and a flame protector. In this article, I will show you if the Longer Laser B1 40W laser cutter performs well.

Longer laser B1 40W
Longer Laser B1 40W review video


The Longer B1 40W arrived with three packages, including the Longer B1 laser cutter package, honeycomb working bench package, and test materials package. The parts are nicely arranged inside the package, and you need to assemble them yourself. Of course, it’s not that difficult, and as long as you follow the instructions, you can usually finish the assembly without any problems.

Longer laser B1 40W packages
Longer laser B1 40W unboxing

It took about 40 minutes to complete the assembly. Overall, the installation is not difficult. Look! This is a good-looking machine.

Longer laser B1 40W assembling

36000mm/min engraving speed test: Faster engraving among diode laser engraver

Matrix engraving testing on 3mm plywood

To understand the actual engraving speed and the result of the Longer B1 40W laser cutter, I needed to test the engraving on a 3mm plywood. Let’s take a look at the perfect performance of this 40W laser cutter.

engraving testing

You can believe the engraving results of the Longer B1 40W. It’s claimed the maximum engraving speed of 36,000mm/min is achievable. As You can see, when the power reaches 100%, it still burns through the 3mm plywood even at maximum speed. So in engraving wood, there is no need to set the laser power to 100% if you want to get a good engraving result, we can set 20% of the laser power and 20,000mm/min or higher engraving speed. Based on the engraving testing result, you absolutely can set the maximum engraving speed of 36,000 mm/min(600 mm/s), and you just need to send laser power to 20% or 30% to get the perfect engraving.

Powerful engraving on stone

Diode laser engravers are great for engraving stones, so the Longer Laser B1 40W is without a doubt easy to engrave stones with. If you like to collect a variety of stones for home decor or to make stone art, there’s no better way to personalize some great-looking patterns than with a Longer B1 laser cutter or engraver.

To verify the ability to engrave on stone, I set the laser power at 30% and the engraving speed at 20,000mm/min. As you can see in the picture below, the stone was burned by the laser leaving a deep pattern, perhaps the laser power was still set too high, and some sintered stone was left at the edge of the pattern, which just needed to be wiped away.

Longer B1 40W engrave stone

40W laser power cutting testing: one of the best desktop laser cutter

Cutting 30mm pine wood in 3 passes

Let’s see how powerful the Longer B1’s cutting ability is. I’m preparing a piece of pine wood with a thickness of 30mm, and according to Longer’s description, the Longer B1 40W laser cutter will be enough to cut off a 30mm piece of pine wood in 3 passes. To verify the authenticity, I used it to cut 30mm of pine wood and set the laser power to 100%, the engraving speed is 100 mm/min, just cutting 3 passes.

30mm pine wood cutting testing
30mm pine wood cutting testing
30mm pine wood cutting testing
30mm pine wood cutting testing

As you can see, the 40W of laser power is amazing, the 30mm pine wood cuts off with ease. So far, I am really happy with the Longer B1 40W laser cutter. It is definitely one of the best desktop laser cutters!

20mm pine wood in one pass

Now we know that 30mm pine wood only needs to be cut with 3 passes to get a perfect cut result. You guest how many passes do we cut a 20mm pine wood at the same cutting parameter setting? The answer is a single pass!

Setting the laser power at 100% and the cutting speed at 100 mm/min, the 20 mm pine wood can be easily cut. Surprisingly, the edge of the cut is very neat and smooth.

20mm pine wood cutting testing
20mm pine wood cutting testing
20mm pine wood cutting testing

The air-assist pump helps cut and engrave easily

Longer Laser B1 40W with air-assit pump

The Longer Laser B1 is equipped with an air-assisted pump that, in addition to increasing cutting and engraving efficiency, blows away fumes and keeps materials clean.

cutting 3mm plywood

The reliable laser cutter for DIY craft-making

For me, the best part of using a laser cutter is the crafts I can do with it, the Longer Laser B1’s 40W laser power makes it a powerful and fast cutter, so I can get my wooden crafts done in no time at all. In addition to this, the large cutting area of 450mm x 440mm makes it possible to cut large areas in one go.

With a laser power setting of 100% and a cutting speed of 800, it is easy to cut 3mm of plywood at a time, and as you can see, the detail of the cuts is really great, with the laser cutting through the pattern with great precision but not burning it off overly.

After 8 minutes of cutting, a 150mm x 200mm piece of plywood was perfectly designed into the desired block pattern. I couldn’t wait to assemble it and end up with a life-like bee.

DIY craft-making
3mm plywood craft making
DIY craft-making
3mm plywood craft making
DIY craft-making

I’ve been totally caught up in the happiness of crafting. Next up, I took out a 200 mm x 300 mm piece of plywood and made a larger spider craft. With the same cutting parameters: 100% laser power, 800mm/min cutting speed, and only 1 pass cutting, it took almost 8 minutes to cut it perfectly.

Thanks to the air-assisted pump, the Longer B1 cuts plywood so cleanly that there is not a trace of black smoke stain on the surface of the material!

I have to say that the Longer B1 40W laser cutter is really a reliable laser machine for DIY crafting. I am really totally immersed in a happy creative time while using it.

Cutting 3mm plywood
Crafts making


Laser typeDiode Laser Technology
Work area450x440mm (17.72×17.32inch)
Cutting parameters one-pass25mm paulownia wood, 15mm black acrylic, 0.15mm stainless steel plate
Cut maximum40mm basswood, 50mm black acrylic
Laser wavelength450nm
Focal lengthFixed Focus-50mm
Laser spot size0.10×0.15mm
Optical output power44-48W
Laser focusManually
The fastest working speed36000mm/min
Engraving machine outputDC24V 9A 216W
Engraving machine inputAC 110-240V, 50/60Hz
SoftwareLaserGRBL on XP/7/8/10 (Free), LightBurn on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux
ConnectUSB / TF Card / Wifi / APP
Engraving techniqueEight diode lasers with FAC
Laser head life10000+ hours
Limit switchX Y-axis limit switches

Pros and Cons


  • Unmatched Cutting and Engraving: The Longer Laser B1 40W excels in both cutting and engraving, making it ideal for a wide range of materials and projects. Enjoy efficient production and stunning results.
  • Spacious Work Area: Unleash your creativity with a large working area that provides ample space for even the most ambitious DIY projects.
  • Effortless Air Assist: The included air pump ensures a clean and precise finish by adjusting the airflow and removing debris.
  • Comprehensive Safety Features: Rest assured with a range of safety features, including flame detection and instant emergency stop, for peace of mind while you create.
  • Sleek and Stylish Design: The B1 40W not only performs flawlessly, but it also boasts a modern and attractive design that complements any workspace.


  • Manual Focus Adjustment: The focus requires manual adjustment, which can be inconvenient and you may forget to change the focus length when you engrave different thickness materials.
  • Ventilation Required: Due to the nature of open-frame laser cutters, some smoke emission is expected. Utilize a well-ventilated area or invest in an enclosure and smoke purifier for optimal comfort.

The Longer Laser B1 40W laser cutter is an excellent choice for DIY enthusiasts and professional creators alike. Its exceptional performance, spacious workspace, and comprehensive safety features make it a joy to use. However, be mindful of the need for manual focus adjustment and adequate ventilation.


I don’t want to brag about the Longer Laser B1 40W laser cutter, quite objectively, in the time I’ve spent with it I’ve really enjoyed it and the 40W of laser power is really super powerful! Besides, I also value the aesthetics of the product, and the design and color of the Longer B1 are very appealing to me.

The Longer B1 40W is priced at $1,199 on the Longer website, and if you’re feeling a little over budget, you can opt for the 30W or 20W versions for just $899.99 and $609.99 respectively.

Overall, the Longer Laser B1 series is a really good desktop laser cutter or engraver, and based on my real review of it, I’d say it’s very reliable.