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xTool Screen Printer Review: Reinvent Screen Printing with Laser

xTool screen printer introduces

The xTool screen printer came out unexpectedly, and its emergence immediately reinvented traditional screen printing. Nobody could have imagined that screen printing could be combined with a laser engraving machine and turned into a highly efficient screen printing kit. But the xTool did.

You have to realize that traditional screen printing takes days to complete a printed artwork, which is very inefficient. The xTool screen printer uses laser engraving to make masks, and it’s really amazing to see the processing time reduced from a few days to 1-3 hours! The xTool has undoubtedly created the world’s first screen printing kit to use a combination of lasers.

In this article, you will learn how the xTool screen printer is very different from traditional screen printing.

xTool screen printer

6x faster and eliminates annoying traditional processes

xTool screen printer

The biggest innovation of the xTool screen printer is the use of laser engravers, such as the xTool D1 Pro, to create screen stencils. Thus, compared with the traditional production method, it is shortened from 1-2 days to 1-3 hours. To increase efficiency, xTool offers a coated screen directly, and you can quickly customize your screen directly with a laser engraving machine.

The specific principle is that the coating irradiated by the laser burns or vaporizes directly due to the high temperature of the laser, leaving small holes that allow ink to pass through. This method of laser engraving directly increases the production time of screen printing by at least 6 times!

More importantly, due to the use of laser engraving to make screen masks, its patterns are more accurate than traditional methods, and the printed patterns have higher resolution.

Create with industrial-grade precision at home

xTool screen printer with laser

Teaming up with the xTool D1 Pro, equipped with an ultra-precise <0.0036mm² laser spot, enjoy flawless precision in creating stencils. Thanks to its 0.01mm movement accuracy, the laser focuses precisely, allowing for the engraving of intricate designs with unparalleled clarity. In fact, it is not limited to the use of the D1 Pro laser engraving machine. You can also use xTool S1 or xTool F1 for screen stencil production, and you can even choose other brands of desktop laser engraver for making screen stencils.

Easier to use than traditional screen printing

xTool screen printer

xTool’s EasyStretch Frame boasts an innovative design that simplifies the screen stretching process with four tensioning strips and six quick-pull wrenches. This user-friendly approach not only ensures uniform tension but also facilitates faster and more convenient screen stencil replacements. In the process of using the xTool screen printer, users can also experience the following conveniences:

Quick-release frame clamp

Explore enhanced flexibility in screen printing with our Quick-Release Frame Clamp Design. This easy-to-use feature enables seamless stencil swapping, catering to diverse printing needs without limiting you to a single workstation.

60° hover hinge enhanced efficiency

Discover a simplified printing process with the unique Hover Hinge. Designed with a free-floating 60° pivot, it’s especially effective for handling bulk tasks. This ingenious orientation not only enhances operational ease but also significantly reduces the risk of ink spillage, ensuring your prints stay clean, and your workspace remains tidy.

60° hover hinge

Z-axis auto press reduces trivial steps

Immerse yourself in unparalleled convenience with xTool screen printer’s piston-driven Z-axis auto press. With the Z-axis auto press, adjusting height has never been easier, removing the need for extra steps when transitioning between print objects. This system seamlessly adapts to various material heights, significantly enhancing efficiency for high-volume printing jobs.

Z-axis auto press reduces trivial steps

Print vibrant colors on any surface

xTool screen printer, a remarkably versatile technique, goes beyond just T-shirt printing. Its expansive reach spans from posters to metals and woods, providing a canvas for your imagination to flourish. With its diverse applications, you can effortlessly bring your personal art and designs to life, crafting customized gifts for your loved ones that carry a touch of love. Moreover, this versatile method empowers you to establish and elevate your personal brand, making a lasting impression. Invest in a xTool screen printing kit, where every surface becomes a vibrant opportunity to express your unique style and creativity.

High compatibility with laser engravers

In addition to using the xTool D1 Pro, you can also choose to use the xTool S1, and even xTool F1 can help you make a screen stencil. If you only have other brands of home laser engraving machines, it is also compatible. In fact, xTool also offers different combos such as the xTool S1 combo at an early bird price of only $1,986. And the xtool D1 pro combo, with an early bird price of only $599, which you can check out for yourself by clicking the link below.

xTool screen printer S1 20W laser combo
xTool screen printer D1 pro laser combo

xTool screen printer VS traditional screen printer

xTool screen printer stencil making process

The biggest difference between the xTool screen printer and traditional screen printing is that the xTool screen printer utilizes a laser engraving machine. This is accomplished by taking out a coated screen and using a laser engraving machine to engrave the desired design on the screen. The coating is burned and vaporized by the high temperature of the laser, leaving small holes where the ink can penetrate. The process of making a screen stencil is therefore very fast, and because it is engraved using a laser, the pattern it produces is also very precise.

Traditional screen printer stencil making process

However, traditional screen printing techniques are not so simple and convenient because the process of making a screen stencil is very tedious and time-consuming. The whole process is roughly divided into the following steps:

Step one: prepare the screen, the photosensitive ink, and the film with the pattern.

Step two: the photosensitive ink is applied evenly to the screen, and then you spend a day waiting for the ink to dry.

Step three: after waiting for the photosensitive ink to dry, the film mask with a pattern is pressed onto the surface of the photosensitive ink and then irradiated by ultraviolet light or sunlight. The photosensitive ink of the part that can be illuminated by light will undergo a chemical reaction to become hard, and the part that is blocked by the film mask will not be illuminated by light, maintaining the original water solubility.

Step four: after the exposure is completed, wash the screen with water. The purpose is to wash away the photosensitive ink that has not been illuminated by light so as to form a pattern. Then wait for the screen to dry and print the artwork from there. By the way, the use of water flushing may result in unclean flushing or damage to the coating

Therefore, the traditional screen printing process for the production of screen pattern masks is very tedious, and the time required can reach an annoying 2-3 days.

xTool screen printer avoid the annoying steps

Therefore, the xTool screen printer uses a laser solution, reducing the steps of screen stencil production, greatly improving the production efficiency of the screen stencil, from the original 1-2 days to 1-3 hours, so as to achieve the elimination of traditional screen printing. This could lead to a revolution in screen printing, making art printing more efficient and benefiting millions of art creators and screen printers.

Final Thought

xTool is always creating industry firsts, from the RA2 Pro, the world’s first rotary attachment for laser engraving of cylindrical objects, to the world’s first 40W xTool S1 enclosed laser cutter, to today’s revolutionary screen printer, which is truly forward-thinking! In any case, the launch of the xTool screen printer is an absolute boon to the field of artistic handcrafted creations, making up for the lack of colorless laser engraved works. Read more: How to Screen Print at Home with xTool S1 Laser Engraver.