Tyvok spider X1C

Tyvok Spider X1C Review: 20W Enclosed Laser Engraver


The enclosed laser cutter and engraver are increasingly popular because they give users a safe and comfortable usage experience. In this situation, the Tyvok Spider X1C enclosed laser cutter and engraver was launched just in time. The Tyvok Spider X1C is a 20W enclosed laser cutter with a 400 x 400 mm engraving area. Its 25000 mm/min engraving speed keeps it in the step of diode laser cutters. Compared with other enclosed laser cutters and engravers, like xTool S1 20W, the Tyvok Spider X1C is more affordable, but a coin has two sides, the cheaper price means the Tyvok Spider X1C doesn’t integrate too much cutting-edge technology. But as an enclosed laser engraver and cutter for hobbyists, it is enough to meet your creation safely and comfortably at home.

In the article, I will introduce you to this affordable 20W enclosed laser engraver and cutter. You can get it for $1099, which is cheaper than other 20W enclosed laser engravers.

Tyvok spider X1C

What you get for $1,099

Get everything you need to start laser engraving for just $1099. The package mainly includes the Spider X1C Machine with a powerful 20W laser head, an enclosure set (green or orange) for safety, an exhaust set for fume control, a spacious 400mm x 400mm working format, a flexible honeycomb working plate for better project handling, and an air assist for cleaner cuts. This is an incredible value!

what's in the box

Open or enclosed, it’s up to you

Imagine personalizing gifts for friends and family with intricate engravings, or crafting unique signs and home décor—all from the comfort of your workspace. The Tyvok Spider X1C empowers you to do just that! Its innovative design lets you switch between open and closed modes seamlessly. If you prefer the open design for quick project loading and adjustments, this is no problem! But when safety and containing fumes become a priority, you can simply switch to the closed mode for a secure and clean engraving experience. In a word, the Tyvok Spider X1C adapts to your needs, making it the perfect laser engraver for any project.

Simpler, more stable, and big power

We are always tired of messy cables cluttering when using the open-frame laser cutter and engraver. But as an enclosed laser engraver, the Tyvok Spider X1C laser engraver boasts a sleek, simplified design that eliminates unsightly exposed wires, keeping your work area clean and inspiring. But beauty isn’t all it offers. The improved structure provides exceptional stability, ensuring precise engravings every time. Plus, the powerful 20W laser head allows you to cut through basswood up to 10mm thick in a single pass, making it perfect for tackling ambitious projects with ease.

Tyvok spider X1C

Class 1 laser safety

The Tyvok Spider X1C class 1 laser safety allows you to focus on your creativity without worrying about safety. The Tyvok Spider X1C laser engraver prioritizes your safety with built-in features such as eye protection, a laser shield, an emergency stop button, and an extremely solid base. Furthermore, a ventilation system purifies the air by eliminating fumes from the engraving or cutting operation. This all adds up to a secure and fun experience that allows you to concentrate on what is most important: creating stunning engraved and cut creations!

Class I laser safety

Flexible and height-adjustable to cope with complex scenarios

The Tyvok Spider X1C enclosed laser engraver provides the versatility you require to complete any project. Whether you’re working with a small, precise design or need more space for larger objects, the adjustable height function has got you covered. In normal mode, the machine’s small form maximizes your workspace while providing a comfortable engraving experience. When do you need to engrave higher objects or utilize a rotary attachment? Just simply switch to the height-increasing mode; there are no additional attachments or difficult configurations required. This user-friendly design enables you to smoothly move between projects, allowing you to express your creativity with whatever inspires you.

standard mode
 height-increasing mode

Built-in soft ambient light strip for effortless nighttime operation

Maybe you have ever struggled to see the intricate details of your engraving job under dim lighting. The Tyvok Spider X1C avoids that frustration with its revolutionary integrated soft bottom light strip. This mild, built-in illumination casts a warm glow throughout your desk, allowing you to easily monitor even the smallest details during the engraving process. Furthermore, because the light strip seamlessly complements the panel color, it not only improves vision but also offers a more fun and visually appealing engraving experience.

Built-in soft ambient light strip
The Tyvok Spider X1C


Laser Power:20W
Laser Point:0.08 * 0.06mm
Applicable Materials:Metal, 304 stainless steel, Bamboo, Wood, Leather, Food, Paper, Fabric,
Photosensitive printing, Plastic, Acrylic, Tinted glass, Color glaze ceramics, etc.
Laser Source: Diode Laser
Laser Safety: 1 Class
Exhaust Air Volume:36㎡/h
Air Assist Air Volume:0-15l/min Adjustable Wind Level
Product Size: 648 * 623 * 144 mm
Product Weight:7KG
Engraving Speed:25000 mm/min
Engraving Area:400 * 400 mm
Operation Method: TF Card; Software (Lightburn, LaserGRBL); Web; Touch Screen
WIFI Connectivity: Support
Operating Temprature: 5℃-35℃

Final thought

The Tyvok Spider X1C enclosed laser engraver is designed for maximum convenience and ease of use right out of the box. No complicated assembly is required; it’s ready to use as soon as you turn it on. On the one hand, the Spider X1C comes equipped with air assist and a platform plate, making cutting projects a breeze. On the other hand, the professionally designed wiring system from the enclosed laser engraver design keeps everything organized and protected from dust and debris, ensuring a clean and safe work area.

All in all, if you are a craft hobbyist and are looking for a dependable laser engraver or cutter to use at home, this affordable Tyvok Spider X1C enclosed laser engraver and cutter should be on your cart list. Of course, it consists of two color versions to choose from: green and orange. Read more: Spider X1.

Tyvok spider X1C two color version green and orange