Muzen ORT Metal retro bluetooth speaker with FM radio

Muzen OTR Metal Portable Retro Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio

Wireless Bluetooth speakers are everywhere, but this retro-style wireless speaker with FM radio, from Muzen Audio, always catches my eye. Muzen OTR Metal portable retro Bluetooth speaker has a compact size that can be a perfect match for many scenarios, such as entertainment at home, atmosphere adjustment in the office, and even outdoor activities that can be carried to play music. I’ve always been a fan of retro gadgets, and the Muzen OTR Metal is designed with a metal body that gives it a textured and durable look. The best part is that it comes with an FM radio, which is a wonderful tool for recalling old times.

If you are a fan of retro gadgets, I really recommend the Muzen ORT Metal retro portable speaker.

Muzen OTR Metal Portable Retro Bluetooth Speaker with FM Radio

What’s in the box?

I received my Muzen OTR Metal Speaker package and couldn’t wait to open it. It’s the black version and everything came very complete inside this beautiful box. In addition to the Muzen ORT Metal portable Bluetooth speaker, there is a type-C charging cable, a cable for connecting to a computer, an antenna for receiving signals (for FM radio), a product manual, and other accessories.

Muzen ORT Metal unboxing
Muzen ORT Metal

The design of Muzen OTR Metal: retro speaker with FM radio

My first impression of the Muzen OTR Metal retro speaker with FM radio is that it is compact and cute. The overall design is very simple, and the retro look is very appealing to me. From the front, the Muzen ORT Metal speaker is made of metal wrapped around the front and sides. There are three rotary buttons on the front: the FM rotary button, the volume adjustment button, and the function selection button (including Bluetooth connection mode, PC connection mode, and FM radio mode). There is a status indicator in the lower left corner, which displays different colors for different function modes.

Muzen ORT Metal
Muzen ORT Metal

On the back, there is product information about Muzen Audio and a type-C port for charging, connecting to a computer, or plugging in the FM antenna. So everything is pretty minimalistic, the Muzen OTR Metal size is only 3.46″ x 2.56″ x 2.2″ and weighs just 0.94 lb, which is mini, and you can easily put it in your pocket.

back of Muzen ORT Metal

Portable retro Bluetooth speaker: put it in your pocket

Let’s introduce the wireless connection function of Muzen OTR Metal. All you need to do is rotate the function button to the Bluetooth mark position, turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and you can easily connect to the Muzen OTR Metal.

Thanks to its compact size, you can easily slip it into your pocket or bag. If I had an outdoor picnic date, I’d be happy to take it out with Muzen OTR Metal, it’s an indispensable entertainment tool for outdoor activities. Not only that, whether you are having a small gathering of friends or traveling out, this Muzen ORT Metal portable retro speaker can be your partner for relaxation and entertainment. It weighs only 0.94lb (0.43kg), so it’s no burden to carry it around.

Muzen ORT Metal retro bluetooth speaker slip into pocket
Muzen ORT Metal
Muzen ORT Metal

Mini body but high-quality sound

This compact Muzen OTR metal retro Bluetooth speaker packs a punch with 5W of full stereo sound generated by a substantial rare-earth magnet driver. It delivers intricate mid-range tones and unexpectedly robust lows that effortlessly fill any space. Whether you’re streaming via Bluetooth or enjoying FM radio, this mini hi-fi system produces music with a depth and richness that surpasses expectations, all within its charmingly petite retro design. The fusion of vintage aesthetics with cutting-edge audio technology creates an acoustic experience that defies its small size.

Muzen ORT Metal retro bluetooth speaker

Retro FM radio speaker: get lost in your old days

If you want to experience the FM radio function, simply twist the rotary button on the Muzen OTR Metal to the “FM” mark. Then rotate the FM button to receive the channel signal. When the indicator light turns green, you can listen to the channel. The Muzen OTR Metal speaker with retro FM radio instantly brought back memories of the 90s! It’s like lying lazily on the sofa in the morning, with the warm sun shining through the window, and turning on the radio to listen to music in a comfortable, relaxing way.

I tried it without plugging in the FM antenna and could actually receive the channel signal. If the channel signal is not clear in your area, you can plug in the FM antenna and stretch it out so that the channel signal can be clearer.

Muzen ORT Metal retro bluetooth speaker with FM radio
Muzen ORT Metal retro bluetooth speaker with FM radio

Multiple connecting options

The Muzen OTR Metal retro Bluetooth speaker with FM radio can also be connected to a computer using the AUX cable. If you are using your computer for office or entertainment, connecting this small retro speaker will let you enjoy the wonderful sound even more. All you need to do is rotate the function button to the “AUX” mark and plug the AUX cable into the device, and the connection status is indicated by a yellow light.

Muzen ORT Metal retro bluetooth speaker  connected with computer

Long battery life: enjoy your time without interruption

Honestly, since purchasing the Muzen OTR Metal retro speaker, I can’t go a day without it. Whenever I stay at home I habitually turn it on and listen to music to relax. To my surprise, it has a long battery life of 8-10 hours without recharging, which allows me to immerse myself in music during the daytime on weekends.

This long battery life is thanks to its built-in 1000 mAh Li-ion battery. According to official data, it does provide 10 hours of sound time at 65% volume.


This gadget is really cute and the reason I purchased it is because of its vintage look. The sound of the Muzen OTR Metal is very good, especially the bass effect, and the drums are excellent! I got this cute gadget for less than 100$ and it was worth it! The 2-in-1 FM radio and Bluetooth speaker is a great idea and I love it. All in all, I recommend it as it does offer value for money.

Muzen ORT Metal retro bluetooth speaker with FM radio