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xBloom Coffee Machine Review: Smart Coffee Roaster


If you are someone who likes to drink a few cups of coffee every day, it is great to make up your mind to invest in a good coffee machine. Today I’m going to introduce you to the xBloom coffee machine, which is a fully intelligent coffee roaster that just pours the xPods beans in, it will automatically grind and then brew an aromatic cup of coffee for you. The xBloom Coffee Machine is also the first smart coffee machine I’ve noticed that grinds and brews automatically, and by looking into it more deeply, I want to recommend it to you.

Of course, with such a high-tech coffee machine, the xBloom coffee machine won’t be cheap, selling for more than $700, but when you learn about its features, you might think that the xBloom coffee maker is worth the investment as it will give you a delicious cup of coffee every day.

xbloom coffee machine

How to get your best cup of coffee with the xBloom coffee machine

The xBloom coffee machine is easy to use and requires only 3 steps to get a flavorful cup of coffee. This is roughly divided into three steps.

1. Scan the xPod to read the roaster recipe

Bloom’s own brand xPod is filled with high-quality coffee beans from different country varieties, the xPod stores the profiles of the roasting recipes of the different coffee beans, as long as you bring the xPod close to the sensor area of the xBloom coffee machine, the xBloom coffee machine will automatically read the roasting recipes of the coffee beans. Then you just need to pour the coffee beans into the coffee machine’s grinder and leave the rest to the xBloom coffee maker!

Scan the xPod to read the roaster recipe

2. Brewing automatically

After pouring beans into the grinder, place the empty xPod on the dock and start the brewing process with a gentle tap on the force-touch dock. The xBloom coffee machine will automatically move the xPod to the left, and when the coffee beans are roasted and ground, the coffee machine will automatically pour the coffee powder into the xPod, and then the next step is to move it to the right to wait for the hot water to be injected for brewing.

3. Enjoy your coffee

The final step is for you to sit down quietly, turn on the Muzen radio, take out a book, and leave the brewing to the xBloom coffee machine, when it’s done brewing the coffee, you can enjoy your quiet and cozy coffee time.

Advanced technology guarantees high quality in every cup

Solid-state pouring technology

xBloom coffee machine’s patented technology: solid-state pouring system. The pouring system utilizes a vector force system that replicates the entire process of a professional barista’s brewing. The solid-state pouring system allows the powdered coffee to be poured evenly so that the taste will not deteriorate due to temperature differences.

First-of-its-kind grinder

xBloom coffee machine is equipped with the world’s first coffee grinder with automatic step motor adjustment for specified grind sizes and auto recalibration, reducing static and achieving near-zero retention for consistently high-quality coffee. This innovation goes beyond convenience. By automatically calibrating and reducing static cling to near zero, the xBloom coffee machine ensures all the ground coffee makes it into your cup. This translates to a richer, more consistent flavor profile, free of the bitterness caused by unevenly sized grounds. Every cup becomes a celebration of the unique notes and characteristics of your favorite beans.

The magic of the docking station

Imagine a coffee-making routine that’s as smooth and sophisticated as your taste buds desire. The xBloom coffee machine boasts a revolutionary docking station that transforms brewing into a seamless, interactive experience.

Gone are the days of messy spills and imprecise measurements. The docking station features an embedded scale that automatically weighs your chosen xPod or reusable filter. This ensures the perfect coffee-to-water ratio every single time, eliminating the guesswork and guaranteeing a consistently delicious cup. Plus, the anti-overflow detection prevents any messy mishaps, keeping your mornings stress-free.

But the convenience doesn’t stop there. The docking station utilizes haptic feedback to guide you through the brewing process. A gentle tap initiates the program, and intuitive vibrations confirm each step. But the magic truly lies in the pod vibration technology. As water flows through the coffee powder, the pod receives a gentle vibration, ensuring even extraction and maximizing the flavor potential of your coffee.

Roaster intelligence is all in the xPod.

Imagine a world where every cup of coffee is a masterpiece, crafted to unlock the full potential of the beans you choose. The xBloom coffee machine achieves this magic through its revolutionary collaboration between technology and the art of coffee roasting. Here’s how:

Roaster-Driven Perfection: Forget about endlessly tweaking settings and battling inconsistencies. With the xBloom coffee machine, the roasters themselves are in the driver’s seat. Each xPod features an RFID tag containing a unique brewing recipe specifically designed for the beans within. This recipe includes the ideal water temperature, grind size, water-to-coffee ratio, and even the pouring pattern!

Convenience Meets Quality: This translates to unparalleled convenience for you, the coffee aficionado. Simply pop in an xPod, and the xBloom machine takes care of everything. It adjusts the grinder to achieve the perfect coarseness, meticulously controls the water temperature for optimal extraction, and even replicates a skilled barista’s pouring technique for a balanced and flavorful cup.

Final thought

xBloom isn’t just a coffee machine, it’s a portal to a world of perfectly brewed coffee experiences. By empowering the roasters and taking the guesswork out of brewing, xBloom guarantees a cup that reflects the true essence of the beans, every single time.

Imagine a cozy evening in, the rain patters gently on the windowpane as you unwind with a good book. Craving a cup of something special, you select a single-serve xPod boasting the rich, complex notes of a single-origin Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. As you place the xPod in the xBloom coffee machine, a sense of anticipation builds and with a single touch, brewing begins. You watch in fascination as the machine adjusts the grind size with quiet precision, the sound a comforting hum against the backdrop of the rainfall. Moments later, a perfectly brewed cup emerges, the aroma transporting you straight to the heart of a lush Ethiopian coffee farm. Each sip is a revelation, bursting with the unique flavors the roaster meticulously coaxed from the beans.

xbloom coffee machine