Ecovacs Deebot T8 AIVI

The Ecovacs Deebot T8 AIVI Robot Vacuum Review: The Cheap Domestic Cleaner Around 400 USD


The Ecovacs T8 AIVI is a ground-breaking robot vacuum with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. This smart device is designed to recognize objects on the floor using its mounted camera, a feature that no other Ecovacs robot vacuum has offered before. While the T9 has also been released, it is not a direct replacement for the T8 AIVI. Although they share most of the same hardware, there are still key differences between the two.

I have recommended Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra previously, which is more expensive than T8 AIVI. Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is a nice product undoubtedly, but someone may be hesitant to make a decision for it because of the price. So If you are looking for a cheaper and more reliable robot vacuum to clean your home automatically, this ecovacs deebot T8 AIVI will be one of the lists on your cart. Let’s take a look!


Navigation TypeTrueMapping™
Cleaning ModeAuto, Area, Custom
Vacuum ComponentsMain Brush
Carpet DetectionYes
Vacuum Power AdjustmentY(Auto&Manual)
Dust Bin Capacity (ml)420
Floating Main BrushYes
Type of ReservoirOZMO
Water Level AdjustmentYes
Map Generated by AppYes
Voice ReportYes
Time SchedulingYes
Continuous CleaningYes
Size of Robot (φxH,mm)353*93.6
Noise Value (dBA )≤67
Battery Specifications (Type, mAh)Li-ion 5200mAH
Working Time (min)Hard ground: 180(OZMO)
Charging Time (H)about 6.5
Rated Power of Robot (W)40
Working Voltage of Robot (V)14.4
Model No. of Charging DockCH1822
Side Brushes4
Cleaning Cloth1
Disposal Cleaning Cloth10
Cloth Plate1
High Efficiency Filter2
IM package1
Cleaning Tool1

More accurate detection of obstacles

The T8 AIVI’s AI technology allows it to scan the floor for objects that commonly get robot vacuums stuck. By referencing a huge library of common items, it can recognize various objects and avoid them. This feature helps it to avoid getting stuck on cabinets, chairs, doors, wires, slippers, socks, carpets, or any other item left on the floor.

Ecovacs APP Control and AI video monitoring

The mounted camera on the front of the T8 AIVI allows users to view live footage of their homes through the Ecovacs app. This feature enables users to drive the robot around their homes, even if they are not physically present. Users can also speak through the robot using the app, which is a useful tool for interacting with pets or warning intruders.

The navigation system enables T8 AIVI to know its exact position

The positional navigation system of the T8 AIVI is all done through a lidar, which sits under the dome on top of the device. The lidar uses a laser to scan the room and take 360-degree measurements. This information enables the robot vacuum to know its exact position at all times. The covered lidar is a huge improvement as dust build-up inside the lidar is a common issue that affects the robot’s vision.

The navigation system enables T8 AIVI to know its exact position

Vacuum and mop Simultaneously

The T8 AIVI is a hybrid vacuum and mop, allowing it to clean and mop simultaneously. The latest version includes two different mops: the Osmo and the Osmo Pro. The Osmo Pro is an oscillating mop that scrubs the floor as it mops. The T8’s reusable mopping pads are also an advantage over the T9, which only includes disposable pads.

Vacuum and mop Simultaneously

The two brushes make sure reach corners and areas

Underneath the device, the T8 AIVI uses a combination of rubber and bristled brushes to clean floors quietly and effectively. The device also includes two counter-rotating side brushes that reach corners and areas that are typically missed.

Spring wheel system helps pass through obstacles

Its spring wheel system helps keep the wheels on the ground when it needs to lift itself up and get over any obstacles. Six drop sensors and a gentle bumper on the front help the robot vacuum detect stairs and obstacles.

Easy to emptied the dustbin

The T8 AIVI’s dustbin is easily emptied by unclipping it and carrying it to the trash can. A tool is also included to help remove hair from the brushes. Additionally, an auto-empty station is available as a separate purchase.

Final thought

Overall, the Ecovacs T8 AIVI is a conventional robot vacuum that basically can meet the home cleaning automatically. With its AI technology, users can rest easy knowing that their homes are being cleaned efficiently and effectively. As for it’s cheaper price and good brand reputation , it is perfect for those whom are looking for a affordable and reliable robot vacuum.