xTool 40W laser module

The World’s First 40W Diode Laser Module From xTool Review

Today we are talking about the world’s first 40W diode laser module, it is the newest laser from xTool that achieves the wattage of some of the entry-level CO2 machines. So is this diode laser the CO2 killer? This xTool 40W laser module is maybe twice or four times even eight times better than the diode laser you may already have. But just have a little regret that this laser model is only compatible with xTool D1 Pro.

So this xTool 40W laser head comes as a kit for installing on the xTool D1 Pro machines. If you already have an xTool D1 Pro in any of the wattages, such as 5,10, or 20 watts, you can use this kit to upgrade your laser machine.

xTool 40W laser module


xTool 40W laser module specification

According to the specification, we can learn that xTool D1 Pro-40W Laser Module is a laser module that has an output power of 40W and a laser spot size of 0.15*0.15mm. It is designed to work with a machine power of 200 W, and the laser electric power is 144 W. The routing speed of this laser module is 400 mm/s, and it has a working area of 430 * 348 mm (16.93 * 13.7 inches).

The maximum workpiece height for this laser module is 50 mm (2 inches), but it can be increased with X risers. Each set of riser height columns will add 45mm to the maximum workpiece height. The xTool D1 Pro-40W Laser Module can be connected to a computer via USB, Wi-Fi, or TF Card, and it is certified by FCC / FDA / CE.

The laser module is compatible with Windows and macOS operating systems, and it can be controlled by xTool Creative Space or LightBurn software. It supports various file types such as SVG, DXF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF, CR2, etc.

What’s inside the box?

xTool 40W laser module box
xTool laser module kits list in the box

In addition to the 40w laser head, we can also get many necessary accessories, so that we are very good to install and use. Don’t worry if it’s difficult to install, it’s absolutely easy to install on xTool D1 Pro, and xTool is known to be very user-friendly.

The Mightiest Cutting Ability

When it comes to laser engraving and cutting, the xTool 40watts laser engraver is a popular choice among hobbyists and professionals alike. This machine boasts some impressive features that make it stand out from the competition, but perhaps its most impressive feature is its mightiest cutting ability.

The xTool 40w laser module is a powerful and versatile tool that offers an impressive cutting ability for a wide range of materials. In particular, its ability to cut through 18mm hardwood in one pass makes it an excellent option for woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts looking for a high-quality cutting tool.

cutting 18mm hardwood one pass
cutting 18mm hardwood one pass

The xTool 40w laser module’s powerful 40-watt laser tube is able to cut through even the toughest materials, including cutting 0.1 mm stainless metal in one pass! This makes it an ideal tool for metalworkers who need to make precise cuts in a variety of materials. Its ability to cut through stainless metal in a single pass is especially impressive, saving time and effort for those in the metalworking industry.

This is the cutting ability comparison between 40W and 20w :

Laser Module40W20W
Pine Wood20mm15mm
Cherry Wood18mm10mm
Basswood Plywood15mm10mm
Walnut Wood15mm10mm
Black Acrylic15mm8mm
Stainless Metal0.1mm0.04mm

Undoubtedly, the xTool 40watts laser engraver is a powerful and versatile tool with impressive cutting abilities. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, this machine is capable of producing precise and clean cuts in a wide range of materials ease of use and safety features make it an excellent choice for those looking to explore the world of laser cutting and engraving, and its affordability makes it a great value for the price.

The Highest Working Efficiency

One of the key features of the xTool 40w laser module is its high-speed cutting ability. The module is capable of cutting through a variety of materials at high speeds, allowing users to complete their projects quickly and efficiently. This is especially important for professionals who need to complete large projects in a short amount of time. Compared to the 20w laser head, it can save 50% of the engraving and cutting time.

Another very successful ability is that this 40W laser module brings brighter colors to the engraved metal! As you can see in the two photos below, the color of the 40W stainless metal engraving is more colorful and brighter than the 20w stainless metal engraving.

40W laser module brings brighter colors to the engraved metal

You Can Easily Hammer More Creative Products

The xTool 40w laser module is an exceptional tool that allows users to create a wide range of creative products with ease. Its advanced technology and features make it a versatile and reliable choice for those who want to produce high-quality, unique products.

xTool 40w laser head create more works

Moreover, the xTool 40w laser module is equipped with advanced software that makes it easy to create and edit designs. The software includes a wide range of design tools and templates, allowing users to create their own designs or modify existing ones with ease. The laser module’s high-speed cutting and engraving ability also allow users to work on projects quickly and efficiently. This is particularly important for those who need to complete large orders or projects within a tight deadline.

xTool 40w laser head create more works
xTool 40w laser head create more works

In addition, the xTool 40w laser module is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple and intuitive control panel that allows users to adjust the laser power and speed according to the material being used. This makes it easy for both novice and experienced users to work with the laser module without the need for extensive training or experience.

Excellent Heat Dissipation System Ensures the Best Optimal Performance

The xTool 40W laser module features an excellent heat dissipation system that is designed to keep the laser module running at optimal performance levels. The laser fan, which is part of the heat dissipation system, works to quickly dissipate the heat generated by the ultra-high laser module, allowing for consistent and accurate processing.

Additionally, the internal structure of the xTool 40W laser module is meticulously designed to further aid in heat dissipation. The layout and placement of components are carefully considered to ensure that heat is evenly distributed and dissipated throughout the module.

The efficient heat dissipation system and meticulously designed internal structure work together to ensure that the temperature of the laser module remains stable, even during prolonged use. This stability is crucial for ensuring optimal processing performance and consistent results.

By keeping the temperature of the laser module under control, the xTool 40W laser module is able to deliver high-quality processing results on a wide range of materials. This makes it an ideal tool for a variety of applications, including engraving, cutting, and marking.

The D1 pro is a bit outdated today as it is an open-frame laser engraver and users are often plagued by fumes. xTool’s new xTool S1 enclosed laser cutter is a complete replacement for the D1 pro! xTool S1 is available in 20W and 40W versions, so you can choose the one that suits your needs. Read more about the xTool S1 review: xTool S1 20W Review: Best Home Laser Cutter

xtool S1 enclosed laser cutter
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Whether you need to create custom signs, personalized gifts, or high-quality engravings, the xTool 40W laser module is an ideal tool that can help you achieve your goals with ease. Its efficiency, reliability, and advanced features make it a top choice for those who demand the highest level of performance from their equipment. Overall, the xTool 40W laser module is an exceptional tool that can help you take your work to the next level. I recommend it to you to upgrade your D1 pro machine!