Carvera Air Desktop CNC Machine: Smart, Versatile and Affordable


The Carvera Air desktop CNC has finally been launched, and it comes with innovations never seen before, not only the auto-leveling function like 3D printers but also the addition of a 4th axis to adapt to the carving of more complex works. Besides, the Carvera Air desktop CNC is fully enclosed to minimize noise! To my surprise, the Carvera Air has already raised over 2.5 million dollars on Kickstarter, an outstanding achievement demonstrating how well the Carvera Air meets the expectations of desktop CNC users.

Carvera Air desktop CNC

10 seconds tool changes: Unleash the Power of a desktop CNC

The Carvera Air’s innovative quick tool change system is a game-changer for desktop CNC enthusiasts. Forget wasting precious minutes fumbling with tools—switch between cutting, drilling, and carving in a mere 10 seconds. This significantly reduces idle time, maximizes your productivity, and keeps you focused on the creative process.

10 seconds tool changes: Unleash the Power of a desktop CNC

Imagine a seamless workflow where you transition between tasks effortlessly, maintaining your focus from start to finish. The Carvera Air empowers you to spend less time waiting and more time creating, transforming your desktop CNC experience into a flow of uninterrupted creativity.

Auto probing & leveling: unleash precision on the Carvera Air desktop CNC

The Carvera Air desktop CNC boasts a game-changing auto probing and leveling system that eliminates the need for tedious manual setup and guarantees consistent, high-quality results. This innovative feature automatically calibrates your tools and detects any surface irregularities in your material, saving you precious time and ensuring precise cuts even on uneven workpieces.

Auto probing & leveling

By automatically adjusting for variations, the Carvera Air CNC machine achieves consistent cutting depth throughout your project, minimizing material waste and producing professional-looking outcomes. With auto probing and leveling, you can focus on your design with confidence, knowing that the Carvera Air desktop CNC machine will take care of the intricate details to deliver superior quality on every project.

4th-axis machining on the Carvera Air: Unleash a world of possibilities

The Carvera Air breaks through the barriers of typical desktop CNC with its innovative 4th-axis module. This exciting addition unlocks a whole new world of creative possibilities. You can effortlessly machine complex shapes like cylinders and intricate double-sided designs, or even create stunning 3D objects with the power of true 4th-axis simultaneous machining.

Unlike other machines, the Carvera Air allows all axes to work together seamlessly, giving you the control to craft detailed 3D masterpieces that rival 3D printers. Plus, you’re not limited by material! The Carvera Air desktop CNC machine with 4th axis machining lets you work with a wide range of materials, from delicate woods and plastics to even some metals, all with stunning detail. This translates to professional-looking results and the ability to create beautiful and realistic pieces. With the 4th axis module, the Carvera Air empowers you to push the boundaries of desktop CNC and unleash your creativity on a whole new level.

Expand your creative horizons: laser engraving and cutting with the Carvera Air

The Carvera Air isn’t just a desktop CNC machine and it’s a creative powerhouse. With the optional 5W laser module, you can transform your Carvera Air into a versatile tool capable of precise laser engraving and cutting on a wide range of materials. This opens up a whole new world of design possibilities, from adding intricate details and personalized touches to projects to embarking on detailed cutting endeavors.

laser engraving and cutting with the Carvera Air desktop CNC

Whether you’re a seasoned hobbyist or a professional looking to expand your toolkit, the Carvera Air with a laser head caters to all skill levels. Imagine the possibilities: personalizing gifts with delicate engravings, creating custom signs with intricate details, or even embarking on detailed cutting projects for a unique touch on your creations. The laser head empowers you to unleash your creativity and bring your design visions to life with exceptional precision.

Breathe easy, work clean: Integrated dust collection on the Carvera Air

The Carvera Air desktop CNC prioritizes a clean workspace and your health with its integrated dust collection system. This innovative feature tackles debris and dust generated during machining, offering a multitude of benefits. Enjoy a significantly cleaner environment with minimal dust and debris, allowing for both clearer visibility of your project and a healthier work environment by minimizing airborne particles. The efficient dust removal also helps prolong the lifespan of your Carvera Air by preventing dust accumulation within the machine. This translates to a smooth workflow, a clean workspace, and peace of mind knowing you’re breathing clean air and keeping your machine protected.

Integrated dust collection on the Carvera Air

Unleash Convenience with Carvera Air’s Cross-Platform Software

The Carvera Air’s revolutionary cross-platform controller software lets you operate the machine from any PC, tablet, or smartphone. This innovative feature brings unmatched convenience and efficiency to your workflow. Enjoy effortless remote control, operating your Carvera Air desktop CNC from anywhere in your workspace for maximum flexibility. The user-friendly interface ensures seamless operation on any device, whether you prefer a large screen or the portability of a mobile device. Plus, with remote monitoring and adjustments, the Carvera Air streamlines your workflow, saving you valuable time and effort.

Unleash Convenience with Carvera Air's Cross-Platform Software