xTool Trade-In Activity: Upgrade Your Open Diode Laser to An Enclosed Laser Cutter

xTool trade-in activity

Exciting news from xTool! Starting January 18, 2024, xTool is launching its first-ever safety-themed campaign: “Create Boldly, Protect Wisely.” This campaign highlights xTool’s commitment to user safety while pursuing creativity with xTool’s industry-leading laser cutter and engraver.

We understand the increasing interest in laser machines, along with concerns about potential risks like overheating, eye discomfort, and skin irritation. xTool takes safety seriously and strives to be a trustworthy brand, making it possible for individuals to explore their creativity confidently and safely with laser machines.

As part of this year’s campaign, xTool is introducing a comprehensive trade-in program for open-diode laser machines. From January 18 to February 16, users of any brand’s open-diode laser machines can participate by submitting purchase proof on xTool’s official website. In return, participants will receive coupons worth $100–$500, which can be used to upgrade to any xTool enclosed laser machine! This is a great opportunity for users who have been waiting for the best deals on the xTool enclosed laser cutter!

Upgrade to xTool enclosed laser engraver with the lowest costs

This is an excellent opportunity to upgrade your open diode laser machines to xTool’s enclosed laser engraving machine. You can get a discount of up to $500, depending on which machine you choose.

ProductTrade in discountProduct link
xTool P2$500P2 55W
xTool S1 40W$400S1 40w
xTool S1 20W$300S1 20W
xTool F1$300F1 IR & diode
xTool S1 10W$100S1 10W
xTool M1$100M1 10W

How to join and activity rules

Here’s how to join:

Step one: bring your legacy to light. Dig out that purchase voucher for your open-diode laser—it’s your ticket to an amazing deal!

Step two: unlock your reward. Get ready to be amazed! Get your no-threshold reward of up to $500. It’s that simple!

Step three: seamless trade-in. Buy a new machine! Enjoy your laser world.

Activity rules:

User Submission Requirements:

  1. State your reason for upgrading from an open-style to a closed-style machine.
  2. Submit the brand & model of your open-style machine along with proof of purchase or a photo of yourself with the machine, making an “X” with your hands.

Select which xTool machine you want

  1. Upon selecting a trade-in machine, you will receive a corresponding discount code.
xTool trade in activity

xTool enclosed laser cutters introduce

xTool P2 55W CO2 laser cutter

xTool P2

The xTool P2 55W CO2 laser cutter is xTool’s most expensive laser cutter. But it’s expensive for good reason. The xTool P2 is perfect for professional, large-area cutting needs. First of all, it has a working area of 600x305mm, and with its 55W CO2 laser, it can cut 20mm of acrylic and 18mm of walnut in a single pass!

Two unique and leading features of the xTool P2 are the curved surface engraving and the AI camera. On the one hand, the curved surface engraving feature really sets the xTool P2 apart from all other laser engraving machines on the market, making laser engraving more than just flat surface engraving. On the other hand, the xTool P2 is equipped with an AI camera with an ultra-high resolution that allows users to easily position the engraving position instead of manually adjusting the engraving position.

Overall, the xTool P2 is a high-end laser engraving machine, if you are specialized in laser engraving, the xTool P2 is worth considering, more user-friendliness features can be explored by clicking the link: xTool P2 55W CO2 laser cutter

xTool S1 laser cutter

xTool S1

The xTool S1 enclosed laser cutter is xTool’s newest laser cutter to date. It takes the best features of the xTool P2 and makes them even more advanced, making the xTool S1 even more user-friendly. Compared to the xTool p2, the S1 is smaller in size, making it more suitable for home use, but the xTool S1 has a working area of up to 498x319mm.

One of the reasons why the xTool S1 has become more versatile is because of its interchangeable laser modules. xTool S1 allows you to replace the 40W, 20W, 10W diode laser modules and the 2W 1064nm IR laser module at will. Users can also purchase the xTool S1 laser power version according to their different laser power requirements. Having said that, the xTool S1 inherits the advantages of the P2, so of course it still supports surface engraving and precise positioning of the engraving position. However, how these operations are accomplished has changed.

The highlight of the xTool S1 is the brand-new Pin-Point Positioning feature. This new feature allows users to easily pinpoint different shapes of the engraving area, which really makes it easier and more convenient. On the contrary, other laser engraving machines are still stuck with the manual estimation method to locate the engraving position. The xTool S1’s surface engraving feature is also an advanced application of precise positioning – Dynamic Focus, which uses a probe to pick up the position of each point on the surface to create a 3D model and calculate the required focus for each point.

Undoubtedly, since the xTool S1 is their latest laser cutting machine, it has certainly absorbed the strengths and weaknesses of its predecessors, making it more advanced and user-friendly. For more details about the xTool S1, go to the xTool link: xTool S1 enclosed laser cutter.

xTool F1 IR & diode portable laser engraver

xTool F1 portable laser engraver

The xTool F1 portable laser engraver is simply the ideal product for those who want to start a custom laser engraving business outdoors. Because the xTool F1 is only 179mmx235mmx334mm in size and weighs only 4.6kg, it’s really easy to carry outside or to store at home.

The best feature of the xTool F1 portable laser engraver is the built-in 10W diode laser and 2W infrared laser, making it capable of engraving almost any material, including all metals. Therefore, it is also ideal for jewelry engraving. Another amazing feature is that it can engrave at speeds of up to 4000mm/s, which is 10 times faster than other open diode lasers!

xTool’s products are really user-friendly and the xTool F1 Portable Laser Engraver is no exception, so if you’re new to laser engraving you’ll be able to get started in no time. More information can be found on the xTool official website: xTool F1 portable laser engraver.

xTool M1 laser engraver

xTool M1

The xTool M1 Smart Laser Engraver and Vinyl Cutter is xTool’s first enclosed laser engraver. But as of now, it only has 10W of laser power and seems to be lagging. However, if you don’t require a high thickness of cut, the xTool M1 is still a worthwhile investment. First of all, it looks great and is an ideal laser engraver for home use.

Although the xTool M1 is the earliest version of the xTool, it still comes with an AI camera, which means that it allows the user to drag and drop the pattern directly onto the software to the desired engraving position, rather than having to manually estimate the engraving position.

Secondly, the laser head has a 2-in-1 function, which allows you to use the laser head for engraving or cutting, alongside a blade that can be used to accurately cut soft materials. All in all, the xTool M1 is still a great crafting assistant! For more details go directly to the xTool M1 link to explore: xTool M1.