best laser cutters and engraver buying guide

Best Laser Cutters and Engravers Buying Guide 2024

In the field of handmaking crafts, a laser cutter and a 3D printer are the best tools to help those hobbyists make wonderful DIY models or crafts. Leave the topic of 3D printers aside, and I will take you through this year’s most popular laser cutter and engraver so that you can make the right buying decision. In the early days, consumer-grade laser machines were called laser engravers because of the low laser power, less than 10 W, which was unable to meet the thicker cutting demand. With the mushrooming of laser technology, laser power is becoming more and more powerful, making laser engravers become laser cutters.

Until 2024, many types of laser cutters and engravers have emerged to meet various consumer’s needs. To shorten your buying decision process, I will introduce you directly to the best laser cutter and engraver from different types and budgets. By the way, if you are looking for the best desktop laser cutter and engraver, this article is still helpful for you: 10 Best Desktop Laser Cutters for Crafts in 2024

Top Pick

Laser CutterReason for nominationWhere to buy
xTool P2The king of the laser cutterxTool
xTool S1Best premium diode laser cutter for home usexTool
xTool F1Best portable laser engraverxTool
LaserPecker LX1 MAXBest-designed laser cutter for hobbyistsLaserPecker
Snapmaker ArtisanBest innovative laser cutter with 3D printing and CNCSnapmaker
WeCreat VisionBest budget 20W enclosed diode laser cutterWeCreat
Atomstack X70 ProBest open-frame laser cutter with 70W laser powerAtomstack
Gweike Cloud G2Best portable fiber laser engraverGweike Cloud
TwoTrees TTS-20 ProCheapest 20W laser cutter for beginnersTwoTrees

Best laser cutters and engravers buying guide

1. xTool P2: the best CO2 laser cutter for both business and hobby

Image credit: xTool

SPECIFICATIONSLaser power: 55W Laser type: CO2 Glass Laser Tube Laser length: 10640nm
Max engraving speed: 600mm/s Working space: 23.6″×12″ (600×305mm)
Product size: 39.4″×25.1″×10.6″ (1000×639×268mm) Product weight: 45 kg
AI camera: built-in Focus mode: autofocus Air Assist: built-in
Control Software: xTool Creative Space / LightBurn
Connection: Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet Automatic Conveyor Feeder: Additional
Materials Versatility: wood, paper, stone, coated metal, all colors of acrylic, including clear acrylic, and directly engraving on glass, etc.
REASON TO BUY* 55W powerful laser power
* Fully enclosed
* Super easy to use
* Larger area working
* Built-in AI camera
* curved surface engraving
YOU MAY MIND * Expensive
* Big size takes up space
* Heavy: 45kg

xTool P2 is definitely the king of the laser cutters! with its 55W CO2 laser power and laser working size, which make the xTool P2 the ideal laser cutter for your business or hobby crafts. Although many laser cutters have the same laser power of 55W and even a much larger working size, as far as I am concerned, what makes the xTool P2 stand out and become the king of laser cutters is that the xTool P2 born with many innovative features, which is a huge step forward for the consumer-grade laser cutter market.

In the past, you may not have realized that a laser cutter could engrave on a curved surface. But now, xTool P2 will be upside down with your concept. xTool P2 is the best laser cutter and engraver that can engrave on curved surfaces. This is mainly due to its configuration of technology, which can scan curved surfaces to create 3D models. Based on the 3D model, xTool P2 can understand how to adjust the laser focus length so that it can get a better engraving result on curved surfaces. This cutting-edge feature can satisfy users’ many engraving demands, meaning that xTool P2 kickstarts the era of laser cutters no longer limited to flat surface engraving.

xTool P2 also has an ultra-high dual 16MP resolution camera. Due to the existence of this high-end accessory, you can conveniently preview your overall design on the XCS software, and it is very easy to put the design pattern on the object in real-time without guesswork. With the benefit of the dual 16MP camera, even if you want to engrave or cut tiny objects, such as jewelry, or rings, just drag the design to the surface in the XCS software.

The powerful 55W CO2 laser power and up to 26×14 inch bed size make the xTool P2 more versatile, which is perfect for your larger creation business. With the xTool P2 riser base and automatic conveyor feeder, xTool P2 can be compatible with large, several-meter-long objects engraved or cut. So whether you are a professional business owner or DIY hobbyist, if you have a budget of more than 4000 USD, you can buy this xTool P2 55W, the king of laser cutters, without worry. Read more: xTool P2 review.

2. xTool S1: the best premium diode laser cutter for home use

xTool S1
Image credit: TechnicalTrendy

SPECIFICATIONSLaser power: 40W/20w/10w Laser type: diode laser Laser length: 450nm
Max engraving speed: 600mm/s Working space: 498×319 mm (19.61*12.56 inch)
Product size: 765*561*268 mm Product weight: 20KG
Laser module: interchangeable Focus mode: autofocus Air Assist: included
Control Software: xTool Creative Space / LightBurn
Connection: Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet Automatic Conveyor Feeder: Additional
Materials Versatility: wood, paper, stone, metal, acrylic, coated glass, leather, etc.
REASON TO BUY* Premium 40W diode laser
* Fully enclosed protection
* Pin-point positioning
* Curved surface engraving
* Super easy to use
* Interchangeable laser module
YOU MAY MIND* Expensive

xTool S1 40W diode laser cutter was launched after the xTool P2. xTool probably wants to produce a premium diode laser cutter that is more affordable than xTool P2, to meet different consumer needs. xTool S1 40W has very similar features to xTool P2 but also has lower-cost innovation. In my opinion, the xTool S1 40W is the best premium diode laser cutter for home use.

In order to reduce the cost but keep super user-friendly features as good as xTool P2. xTool S1 abandoned the dual 16MP camera and then adopted an innovative pin-point positioning system. The pin-point positioning function lets the user easily position the engraving or cutting area without guesswork. Whatever you want to cut or engrave in a circle, rectangle, or irregular area, you just need to confirm the engraving area through the pin-point system, and then drag your design pattern into the area in the XCS software.

One of the reasons that xTool S1 became the best premium diode laser cutter is that it also supports curved surface engraving! xTool S1 has a dynamic-focus system, which allows xTool S1 to calculate the laser focus length after multi-point focus acquisition and automatic 3D model generation. Compared with other diode laser cutters, the xTool S1 40W will have more flawless engraving on the curved surface.

The interchangeable laser module feature makes the xTool S1 more versatile. xTool S1 provides the 40W diode laser module, 20W diode laser module, and 2W IR laser module for users to upgrade their machine to be compatible with more material engraving. 

In addition, the Class 1 laser safety makes the xTool S1 perfect for home use. So if you are looking for a premium laser cutter and engraver for home use, the xTool S1 40W will be the best one that meets your budget of about 2000 USD. Read more: xTool S1 review.

3. xTool F1: the best portable laser engraver

Image credit: TechnicalTrendy

SPECIFICATIONSLaser power: 10W and 2W Laser type: diode laser and IR laser
Laser length: 450 nm and 1064 nm
Max engraving speed: 4000mm/s Working space: 400*115mm with accessories
Product size: 179x235x334mm Product weight: 4.6 kg
accuracy: 0.00199mm Focus mode: autofocus Air purifier: Additional
Control Software: xTool Creative Space / LightBurn
Connection: Wi-Fi, USB
Materials Versatility: wood, paper, stone, all metals, acrylic, glass, leather, etc.
REASON TO BUY* Dual laser type
* 4000mm/s engraving speed
* Portable and handheld
* Safety
* Preview
YOU MAY MIND* weak laser power
* limited working area

I do not blindly recommend xTool’s product, but the fact is that xTool knows the customer’s needs and is keen to improve the user experience. So I have to tell you that xTool F1 will be the best portable laser engraver in my mind. If you are an enthusiast who wants to start your own customized gift business or want to make DIY crafts at home, the xTool F1 portable laser engraver will be your best choice.

xTool F1 has a built-in dual laser, a 10W 450nm diode laser, and a 2W 1064nm IR laser, which can almost engrave every material. Due to its portable feature, it is very suitable to take outside to start the business of customized small gadgets at craft fairs. Additionally, xTool F1 is perfect for you to do jewelry customization, its 2W 1064nm IR is enough to engrave all metals for you, and you will be surprised at how efficient xTool F1 is because of its 4000mm/s engraving speed.

The slide extension will make up for the xTool F1’s shortcoming of insufficient cutting area. With slide extension, the working area will be expanded to 400*115 mm so that you can do larger creations or batch processes. It is really advantageous to use at home, and its compact size makes it take up very little space, easy to operate, and you can really start creating anytime and anywhere. Read more: xTool F1 full review.

4. LaserPecker LX1 MAX: the best-designed laser cutter for hobbyists

LaserPecker LX1 MAX
Image credit: TechnicalTrendy

SPECIFICATIONSLaser power: 20W Laser type: diode laser Laser length: 450 nm
Laser module: Interchangeable(20W laser, 2W IR laser, Artist module)
Max engraving speed: 200mm/s Working space: 31.5×15.75 inches (800×400 mm)
Product weight: 5 kg Focus mode: manual Air assist: built-in
Control Software: LaserPecker Design Space / LightBurn
Connection: USB,Wi-Fi(dongle required)
Materials Versatility: wood, paper, stone, all metals, acrylic, glass, leather, etc.
* Interchangeable laser module
* Minimalist
* Built-in air assist
YOU MAY MIND* open-frame

The LaserPecker LX1 MAX is the most innovatively designed laser cutter and engraver I have ever seen. With its minimalist appearance and design, I believe that many craft hobbyists will feel a heartbeat. LaserPecker LX1 MAX has a larger engraving area of 31.5×15.75 inches (800×400 mm), but it is convenient for storage because of its foldable design. When you need to use it, just unfold the X-axis, and no assembly is required for instant use. When the LaserPecekr LX1 MAX is free, just fold it and place it in the corner of your home without taking up too much space.

It’s 20W laser power and 200mm/s engraving speed can meet almost all hobbyists’ creation needs. To meet a variety of creation demands, LaserPecker LX1 MAX adapted interchangeable module design, so you can purchase a 2W 1064nm IR laser module or the artist module for painting based on your needs. 

What’s more, LaserPecker LX1 MAX doesn’t need an air assist pump because it has a built-in one in the laser module. So LaserPecker LX1 MAX has discarded the external air assist pump design, making itself a more minimalist style. Additionally, the fully enclosed and smooth body is very conducive to cleaning and maintenance. Speaking of which, do you agree that it is the best-designed laser cutter? Read more: LaserPecker LX1 Max review.

5. Snapmaker Artisan: the best innovative laser cutter with 3D printing and CNC

snapmaker artisan 3-in-1 3D printer
Image credit: Snapmaker

SPECIFICATIONSLaser power: 10W Laser type: diode laser Laser length: 450 nm
Module: Interchangeable(10W laser, 3D printing module, 200W CNC module)
Max engraving speed: 200mm/s Working space: 400 x 400 mm
Product weight: 52.9 kg Focus mode: manual Enclosure: Included
Control Software: Luban Connection: USB,Wi-Fi
Materials Versatility: wood, paper, stone, all metals, acrylic, glass, leather, etc.
* Metal body
* Enclosure included
YOU MAY MIND* Expensive

Snapmaker Artisan is the best innovative laser cutter because it has broken the functional limitations of laser cutters and engravers by combining laser engraving, 3D painting, and CNC carving in one. If you are a craft enthusiast, the Snapamaker Artisian 3-in-1 will be your ideal machine to create freely.

As with the laser cutter above, Snapmaker Artisan adapted an interchangeable laser module design, and the all-metal body looks premium. 10W laser power and a 400x400mm working size can do most of the engraving and cutting work. The 200W CNC module is a good idea to transform Snapmaker Artisan into a CNC router machine, which lets creation become more varied.

What makes me the most impression is that Snapmaker Artisan can be a 3D printer! Its 3D printing module adapted to dual extruder design means you can do dual color printing and two different materials printing, such as dissolvable support printing and breakaway support printing. This dual-extruder design makes the Snapmaker 3D printer stand out from other 3D printers.

All in all, Snapmaker Artisan is the most versatile laser cutter compared to others because it is not just a laser cutter. Combining laser cutting and engraving, 3D printing, and CNC carving in one to help users finish different kinds of creations, the best innovative laser cutter must belong to Snapamker Artisan. Read more: Snapmaker Artisan review

6. WeCreat Vision: the best budget 20W enclosed diode laser cutter

WeCreat Vision
Image credit: WeCreat

SPECIFICATIONSLaser power: 20W Laser type: diode laser Laser length: 450nm
Max engraving speed: 600mm/s Working space: 420 x 290mm (16.54″*11.42″)
Product size: 589*531*253mm – 589*531*393mm Product weight: 29.4KG
Auto-lifting: Built-in Focus mode: autofocus AI Camera: Built-in
Control Software: WeCreat MakeIt / LightBurn Air assist: Included
Connection: Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet
Materials Versatility: wood, paper, stone, metal, acrylic, coated glass, leather, etc.
* Auto-lifting
* Cost-effective
*20W laser power
*Fully enclosed
YOU MAY MIND* AI image mode needs to improve

If you still want to look for a reliable, fully enclosed laser cutter and engraver but can’t afford the xTool P2 or S1 because of your budget, this WeCreat Vision 20W laser cutter and engraver will be recommended to you.  WeCreat Vision 20W is the most cost-effective machine among the 20W laser cutters. Due to the fully enclosed design, the WeCreat Vision 20W has no assembly required, just plug-in and use, which improves the user experience.

The WeCreat Vision 20W laser cutter and engraver also have a built-in camera that allows users to preview and easily finish the position by dragging the pattern. Its auto-lifting function eliminates the need for a riser base and can be compatible with different thicknesses of materials, from 1mm to 140mm. 

Although it has 20W diode laser power, the WeCreat Vision Rotary Pack is only $1499.99, which is the most cost-effective product among those 20W diode laser cutters. 

7. Atomstack X70 Pro: the best open-frame laser cutter with 70W laser power

Atomstack X70 Pro

SPECIFICATIONSLaser power: 70W Laser type: diode laser Laser length: 450 nm
Max engraving speed: 400mm/s Working space: 500*400mm
Screen Control: Support Focus mode: Automatic focus + manual focus
Air assist: Included Control Software: AtomStack Studio/LightBurn
Connection: Type-C, mobile WiFi, touch screen Engraving Accuracy: 0.01mm
Materials Versatility: Thin steel plate, cardboard, non-woven fabric, wood, acrylic, more thin plastic sheets, sponge
REASON TO BUY* 70W laser power
* larger working area
* Autofocus
* Screen control
YOU MAY MIND* open-frame
* need assembly

Atomsatck X70 PRO is the most powerful open-frame laser cutter, and its 70W laser power can cut 25mm black acrylic, 12mm MDF board, 30mm pine board, and 0.3mm stainless steel in one pass. This powerful laser output can meet the needs of professional craft maker’s more complex creations. And of course, the Atomstack X70 Pro is the world’s first 70W laser cutter and engraver.

Regarding performance, the Atomstack X70 Pro is still at the top rank among those open-frame diode laser cutters and engravers. 400 mm/s engraving speed and 0.01 accuracy promise working efficiency and quality. The new motion structure ensures high-speed, stable operation, which is suitable for heavy-duty engraving and cutting work. Besides, it has a dual-mode focus adjustment design, which supports manual and automatic focus adjustment and completes focus adjustment within 8 seconds.

The Atomstack X70 Pro has a 500 x 400mm working area and is on sale for $1799, but if you want a larger working area, there will be an Atomstack X70 Max as an alternative, which has a working area of 850 x 800 mm and is priced at $2099. Such a 70W high-power laser cutter and engraver can adapt to a lot of use scenarios, such as work on reflective metals, ceramics, black acrylic, supports woodworking, painting art, DIY creation, billboards, metal marking, clothing design, etc.

8. Gweike Cloud G2: the best portable fiber laser engraver

Gweike Cloud G2

SPECIFICATIONSLaser power: 20W Laser type: fiber laser
Laser length: 1064 nm
Max engraving speed: 15000mm/s Working area: 110*110mm & 150*150mm
Product size: 260 x 440 x 505mm Product weight: 12 kg
accuracy: 0.001mm Focus mode: autofocus Lifespan: 100000 hours
Control Software: G-LASER/ LightBurn
Connection: USB
Materials Versatility: Metals, some plastics, artificial leather, lacquered paper, lacquered wood, some stones, purple sand, etc.
REASON TO BUY* 20W fiber laser
* 15000mm/s engraving speed
* 100k hours lifespan
YOU MAY MIND* Materials cutting limited

Gweike Cloud G2 is a 20W portable fiber laser engraver that is perfect for metal marking. Except for metals, the 20W fiber laser also works on some plastics, acrylic, artificial leather, lacquered paper, lacquered wood, some stones, purple sand, etc. So although Gweike Cloud G2 is mainly tailor-made for metal engraving, you can also use it to do some other material crafts.

One of the highlights of the Gweike Cloud G2 is the 15000mm/s engraving speed, which is the highest speed laser engraver among these recommendations. This super high-speed engraving speed greatly improves your creative efficiency, you can complete complex pattern engraving in just a few seconds, compared to other products, which may take several minutes or even ten minutes. Therefore, if you are engaged in a professional metal marking business, or jewelry customization, buying a Gweike Cloud G2 is the most cost-effective choice.

Due to 20W fiber laser power, Gweike Cloud G2 can even do 1.5mm deep engraving on metals. Additionally, the 20W fiber laser can cause the stainless steel to show more than 30 vivid colors based on the different engraving parameters. 

If you are in the niche of metal engraving, take Gweike Cloud G2 into your buying list confidently. Read more: Gweike Cloud G2 Review.

9. TwoTrees TTS-20 Pro: cheapest 20W laser cutter for beginners

TwoTrees TTS-20 PRO Laser engraver

SPECIFICATIONSLaser power: 20W Laser type: diode laser Laser length: 450 nm
Max engraving speed: 600mm/s Working space: 418 x418mm
Focus mode: manual focus
Air assist: Included Control Software: Laser GRBL/LightBurn
Connection: USB Engraving Accuracy: 0.1mm
Materials Versatility: Wood, Plastic, Paper, Leather, Sponge Paper, etc
REASON TO BUY* Affordable
* no assembly
* 20W laser power
YOU MAY MIND* open-frame
* Cables management is not good

If you are a beginner and looking for an affordable laser cutter and engraver to start your DIY craft adventure, I believe the TwoTrees TTS-20 PRO 20W will be on your wish list. Now, you can get the TwoTrees TTS-20 Pro 20W laser engraver for $499 with the $50 discount code STTS. You should know that when you purchase the TwoTrees TTS-20 Pro, it will include an air assist pump and a honeycomb working bench.

The TwoTrees TTS-20 Pro does not need assembly, so that eliminates beginner’s annoyance with the messy assembly process. As for a beginner, the 20W laser power almost meets your engraving and cutting needs. 

Although its function is so simple that it cannot be compared with the above laser cutter and engraver, its cheapest price is its biggest advantage. Therefore, take it as your first laser cutter for your laser engraving beginning, and it will be a choice with the lower cost of trial and error. Read more: TTS-20 Pro 20W Review.

What kind of laser cutter and engraver do you need?

Diode laser cutter and engraver: These are the most compact and affordable options and are ideal for hobbyists and makers due to their ease of use. Diode lasers excel at engraving shallow details on softer materials like wood, leather, and acrylic. Nowadays, diode laser cutters and engravers have powerful laser outputs that reach 70W, 50W, and 40W, so they can have the power for deep engraving or cutting through thicker materials.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Laser cutter and engraver: CO2 lasers usually offer a significant power increase over diode lasers and can engrave and cut a wider range of materials, including wood, acrylic, glass, and some metals. They are suitable for both hobbyists and professionals. While more powerful than diode lasers, CO2 lasers tend to be more expensive, larger, and require more maintenance.

Fiber laser engraver: Fiber lasers provide the greatest precision and cutting power. They are ideal for industrial applications requiring high durability and intricate detail on a variety of materials, including metals, plastics, and glass. However, fiber lasers are the most expensive option.

How to choose the right laser cutter and engraver 2024

Here are some key factors to consider when choosing a laser cutter and engraver.

Your Needs:  Before buying a laser cutter and engraver, you need to ask yourself two questions: What materials do you plan to engrave or cut? What level of detail do you need? If you mainly work on wood and stainless steel markings, a diode laser cutter will be the top choice. If you want to have more material versatility in cutting and engraving, including wood, all-color acrylic, glasses, coated metals, etc. a CO2 laser cutter will be your ideal choice.  If you are mainly working on metal marking and need higher-level details, the professional fiber laser engraver will be your best choice.

Your Budget: Usually, diode laser cutters are the most affordable, while CO2 laser cutters and fiber laser engravers are the most expensive.

Your Experience Level:  Consider ease of use and maintenance requirements. Diode lasers tend to be the most user-friendly.

Laser power:  Now, there are a lot of high-power laser cutters and engravers on the market, so it is best to choose a high-power laser cutter to avoid the trouble of replacing equipment due to the lagging laser power.

Fully enclosed or open-frame: Depending on your use scenario and budget, if it is used indoors, it is best to choose a fully enclosed laser cutting machine. However, due to the better safety performance and user experience of fully enclosed laser cutters and engravers, their prices will be higher.

Interchangeable laser module: Try to choose a laser cutting machine with an interchangeable laser head design, on the one hand, you can replace different types of laser modules to meet the needs of different materials for engraving and cutting. On the other hand, with the continuous improvement of laser power, the equipment can be upgraded by replacing the laser module, to avoid the high replacement cost of the whole machine.

Safety protection: With the increase in laser power, the safety of laser cutters and engravers must be paid attention to. It is wiser to choose a fully enclosed laser cutter than an open-frame one. If you buy an open-frame laser cutting machine, you can also ensure safety by purchasing an additional protective enclosure.